28 week growing appointment

28 week growing appointment

Today we had another big ultra sound to make sure the boys were growing healthy.  They each weigh about 2 lbs 8 ounces and are measuring right around 28 weeks.  I am measuring 32 weeks… getting big!  The dr. said I’ve only gained about 21 pounds so far.  My cervix measured 3.2 cm and supposedly everything over 3 is goodness.  It thins out and shortens over time which is one of the reasons that causes women to go into premature labor.  Once we get to Baltimore I’ll be able to breathe a little better.

We got some really fun pictures of their faces here:

I also had to get the RhoGam shot as well as a flu shot… I hate shots.  Everyone who is going to be around the babies within the first few months has to also have BOTH a flu shot and a whooping cough shot.  Seems crazy but I don’t want them to get sick.

We got a letter from the dr. saying we were good to fly on the 28th so now all we need to do is change my insurance and schedule an appointment with the new Dr. in Oct.

One less than happy thing is Baby A is still in the breech position and there is no room in there.  Supposedly there is still time to turn but unless his brother decides to turn with him and they do a little dance I don’t see how he can possibly flip.  It’s amazing how jammed in there they are.

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