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  1. Dear Babies by DeLuca (Twin A & B, December 2012)

    You are so lucky to have Lisa for your Mother. She has always been so inquisitive and intelligent. I can’t wait to see the two of you grow into loving and fearless individuals.

    Love you so much,

    Grama Seacat

  2. Lisa and Steve!!!!! SO SO SO EXCITED for the two of you!!!! Twins…double the fun 🙂 Lisa, you are so beautiful, inside and out. These two lil men are lucky lil boys to have you as their mama. I ALWAYS loved watching you growing up. Anywhere from playing basketball to kicking all of our butts on a test you made things seem so easy and natural…pure talent and sheer determination. It will be amazing to watch you be a mom. Miss your beautiful face. Can’t wait to meet these two darling lil boys!!!
    All our love, wishes and thoughts,
    Cassie, Dustin & Crimson de Yong

  3. Lisa! I love the website! What a fantastic way to remember every special moment as the twins grow. I’m impressed with the layout and the photography. The twins are just so adorable. Please post more pics of Gracie. 🙂

  4. Hi Lisa,
    The boys sure are growing. They are so beautiful and so happy! I am enjoying the websites you have, as I search for your email address. You sure are a creative techie, I have learned.

    I am hoping that we can see all of you when we come to Baltimore next week. We arrive on Monday, August 5 (isn’t Steve’s birthday around then?) and will be there until Friday when we go to Pittsburgh, then back Monday leaving Tuesday or Weds. morning.(13th or 14th). I will be working during the day (do consulting with the college there — retreats, coaching, workshops. I finish around 4:30 or 5. I am put up at the Radison at Cross Creek from Mon to Friday. The next week they have me at Washington conference Center where the retreat is. So, send me your phone number and I will contact you to see what we can do.

    Love, Aunt Pam (Cindy’s sister)

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