10 months old

10 months old

The girls have changed so much over the past month.  They are really starting to let their personalities show.  It’s so fun to watch them grow. I went back and read the blog from the boys at their age and it’s crazy to see that their personalities today aren’t much different than they were at 10 months old. It makes me excited for the girls as they are the sweetest right now.



  • They’re both speed crawling everywhere and standing up on everything. They’re also starting to shimmy along the surfaces to get across the room. They never sit still.  Taking photos this month was near impossible.  I can see why I only did the month to month with the boys until they were a year old.
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  • They’re wearing size 4 diapers.
  • Whenever someone comes around they crawl over to say hello. Makes it hard when I walk downstairs to get a glass of water and I feel bad running by them.  I try to go over to the gate since they’re baby gated into the living room and say hi through the “cage”.  If you ask them to come over they listen!
  • Favorite food: anything they can grab with their hands… scrambled eggs and puffs are their current favorites.
  • Favorite toy: besides Paty?… they like the magniblocks and anything they can put in their mouths.
  • They’re still eating every 3 hours off of me but are getting 3 meals a day of other solids.  I try to feed them on me first otherwise they will refuse to drink.
  • The girls hair is finally long enough to put some bows in.  Although I did and they immediately ripped them out of each other’s hair.  It looked painful so I’ll save the bows for photos only.
  • They love Paty.
  • The girls are both an intersting combination of Anthony and Nathan. Emily has Anthony’s body shape but Nathan’s eyes.  Olivia has Nathan’s body shape and Anthony’s eyes.  Both of them have more relaxed personalities.
  • They both love electronics.  If my phone is nearby or my computer… they’re getting hacked.
  • They’re down to two naps a day, typically the morning nap is longer than the one in the afternoon.
  • At night they’re getting closer and closer to sleeping through the night.  The past few days they’ve gone from 10 pm’ish to 6 am’ish… we’ll take it!

Flying the airplane



  • Emily is obsessed with the living room curtain.  She crawls over to it and just holds it.  She doesn’t put it in her mouth or anything, she just holds onto it with a giant grin.  Paty got a bunch of pictures from various days of her doing it and created an instagram post.  It’s hilarious.
  • Emily has 4 teeth and two more coming in. 2 bottom, 2 top, and two more on either side of the front two.
  • Ems is so funny.  She will also crawl through the little tunnel we had for the boys and when she gets to the other end she’ll turn around and crawl back the other way.
  • Emily has the sweetest personality.  She’s so gentle and calm, always smiling and rarely getting upset or impatient. Although when it comes to food she gets a little demanding.
  • She’ll stand for a bit on her own without holding onto anything.
  • Emily always keeps to herself when I’m tandem feeding them but Olivia is constantly trying to play with something.  Poking at Emily and pulling her hair.  I have to restrain Olivia so Emily can eat.




  • Olivia loves to say “dada”.  She’ll stand up in her crib and watch for him and then squeal “Dada” in the morning until Steve laughs and goes and gets her.  She also likes making noises with her mouth and tongue that sound like she’s spitting.
  • She loves to wave.  If you say hi she starts waving both hands.
  • Olivia played peek-a-boo with me by hiding behind the living room curtain, hiding, and then pulling it back and smiling.
  • Olivia doesn’t have any teeth.
  • She loves to dance. When we play any sort of music she’ll start swaying back and forth.
  • O is more sensitive than Emily when it comes to getting her way.  If Emily takes one of her toys she’ll cry and look to us to help her.  Whereas Emily shrugs it off and moves onto something new.
  • Olivia has the cutest natural curls.  There is this one piece of hair on the top of her head that makes a big curl.  I’m curious to see if she’ll have some waves once she gets older.


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  • We started the boys at a new school.  They’re now at A Child’s Place at Notre Dame which is only about 5 minutes from our house.  It’s so much nicer because we can drop them off as early as 7:30 and pick them up as late as 5:30.  Much nicer than having to worry about what they were going to do from 3 pm until I was done working at 6.  I think they really like the school too  They’re always so excited when we pick them up from school to tell us about their day.
  • The boys love their sisters.  They call them their “baby sisters” and are always helping them by giving them pacifiers or asking Steve and I to do something for them.
  • Steve and I are feeling a little better now that the girls are sleeping through the night better.  I’ve finally felt like I’ve been able to cross off some of my “life” todo list items in the evenings.

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  1. They are so beautiful! And I can just picture them with what you have described. So much fun! I’m glad to hear you guys are getting more sleep. Miss you all!

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