Yesterday we took the entire family in the mini van to Glen Burnie to take some family photos with the girls.  Erin Morris Photography.  We were about 8 minutes late because of traffic and generally getting the kiddos out of the house and then when we got there both girlies were wide awake so they had me breastfeeding them so they’d fall asleep.  Once we started going, we got some really great photos of the girls.  Here’s one of the sneak peek ones that the photographer shared on her facebook page:



On the way home it seemed like everyone in the car was talking at the same time.  Then all of a sudden Anthony says “Daddy, stop talking”.  Followed by “Mommy, stop talking”.  Then “Only I talk!”.  To which Grandma said something and was told “Grandma, stop talking”.  We were all laughing uncontrollably.  Anthony has definitely come out of his little bossy shell ever since starting school!

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