Aggressive Gracie

Aggressive Gracie

One thing that I’ve noticed a lot lately is Gracie’s increased aggression towards other animals.  She used to give a little growl but now she will run towards other animals and even open her mouth as if she is going to bite them.  It’s gotten to the point where it’s embarrassing to take her for walks or have other animals over.  It’s hard too because It hurts for me to bend over that quickly to pick her up.

I found an article on baby center talking about how pet’s can sense pregnancy and I’m hoping that’s what’s wrong with Gracie and praying she goes back to being nice after the babies are born.  Luckily she is still very friendly towards people.

“It’s common for dogs to go on alert and become overprotective of their expecting owner from the very beginning of her pregnancy. I’ve worked with dogs that growled, barked, or blocked doors with their bodies to prevent other family members — even the baby’s father — from coming into the same room as the mom-to-be.”

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