8 months old

8 months old


It’s Mother’s Day and the girls are 8 months old.  It’s been a busy month for Emily and Olivia.  They are both starting to inch but haven’t full on crawled all over the place yet.  We can probably claim they are crawling because they can get anywhere they want to go one hand in front of the other, but it’s still in slow motion.


  • size 4 diapers
  • They still aren’t sleeping through the night.  I was really hoping they’d be better by 8 months.  They’re still up every 3 – 4 hours at night.  I think it’s time to start letting them cry it out.  With the boys Steve and I started sleeping in the basement but that isn’t an option with the girls.
  • They are eating solids 2 to 3 times a day now.
  • They are the happiest babies.  They are always smiling and rarely cry.
  • Everything goes into their mouths these days.  In fact it was hard to take pictures this month without toes in faces.  I got some cute ones of O sucking on her toes.  Oh to be flexible…
  • They both can sit for a long time unsupported before toppling over.
  • Their hair and eyes are about the same color.  Although Olivia’s hair has a natural curl to it whereas Emily’s is pretty straight. They both have a strawberry blonde color currently.
  • They are starting to notice each other a lot lately.  To the point where they try to be near each other when they’re both on the floor or they’ll go after the same toys.  Sometimes it results in some tears. Here’s a video from today’s photo shoot:
    YouTube Preview Image



  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Emily is chunking up beautifully.  🙂  I love her little rolls.
  • She can go from being on all fours to a sitting position.  She is also a little more graceful at how she gets out of the sitting position but every now and then she scares us with a loud bonk when she loses her balance.
  • Emily is talking a lot.  I’d say her first word was “mama”, she also says Bah sounds.
  • Emily is more serious than Olivia.  It takes a bit to get her to break a smile but once she does she has one of those laughs that causes everyone else in the room to laugh along with her.
  • Her favorite person is Anthony.  He knows exactly how to make her laugh.






  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Olivia was a couple days behind Emily when it came to inching but she is a fast incher.  Out of no where she’ll army crawl herself across the room.
  • Olivia LOVES jumping.  And she’s really really good at it.  She does acrobatic moves in her jumper spinning around in mid air.  It’s impressive.
  • This little girl is so skinny.  She’s really long too. Steve predicts she’s going to be tall like me.

OToes2Today’s photoshoot of O was tough without toes in her mouth!

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