Hearts beating in sync

Hearts beating in sync


Today I had my first Non-Stress Test (NST).  From here on out I will have them weekly until the babies are born.  Basically they hook up a monitor to each babies heart beat and then one to me to measure contractions.  Then for 20 – 45 minutes they monitor to make sure everything is okay.  They looked great today.  I did have one contraction (although, I didn’t feel it).

After the test I walked across the street for an appointment with a doctor.  That went well as well.  I waited about an hour to see the doctor for 5 minutes.  Yet another new doctor.  I think i’ve seen a new doctor every time I’ve visited this practice at Mercy.  She saw the note that I wanted to have the c-section at GBMC if it came to that and ensured me that 32 weeks is still pretty easy.  She suggested continuing at Mercy until 36 or 37 weeks and if baby A still was breach then I should call the dr. at GBMC to schedule a c-section.  And even then continue at Mercy right up until that scheduled date just in case baby A flips.

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