Our nanny, Ann, suggested that we get the boys a butterfly kit.  We got the kit in the mail from Amazon pretty quick and then ordered the caterpillars.


When they got here we watched them in a little jar until eventually they made little cocoons.  Then we transferred the cocoons to a mesh container and waited for the butterflies to hatch.


It was a pretty fun process to see.  I’m not sure if the boys were old enough to really understand but they got excited to show everyone their butterflies.  Yesterday we let our butterflies free. Ann was definitely the saddest to see them go!









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  1. When I was a prechool para, we ordered the butterfly kit every year and every year it was a hit! One year, when we released our butterflies, with the entire preschool class watching, a bird swooped down and snatched one of our butterflies. There was much screaming and crying – not the fun we were hoping to have!

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