Anatomy Scan

Anatomy Scan

Today we had three appointments, a checkup with our OB, the anatomy scan, and then some psychologist appointment.  I also had to have the 2nd blood test/2nd trimester screaming taken.  So it’s been a busy day!

Today I am exactly 18 weeks pregnant.  Baby A measured 18w5d and Baby B measured 18w2d.  A had a heartbeat of 150 and B 159.  It was amazing seeing them again… they have grown so much.  They now look like little babies.  Baby B was dancing all around and Baby A seemed very calm.  They are both heads down, which hopefully they stay that way so I can try a natural birth.  It was amazing what we could see.  The appointment took about an hour or so and they took pictures of every limb, the spines, stomachs, brains, kidneys, bladders, and even the eyes… so cool!  Baby A’s placenta was anterior and B’s was posterior.  So if the theory that you can’t feel babies moving when the placenta is towards your belly is true then I will most likely be able to feel baby B first.  Baby A is to my left side and B to my right.  I *think* I’ve been feeling them and the ultrasound tech said it probably is them.  It’s not a kicking sensation… it’s more of a rolling sensation.  Like a snake is under my skin or something.

We are doing a gender reveal party on Saturday with friends in San Francisco so we asked the ultra sound tech not to tell us but to write it down on some cards that I brought.  She did a good job of not giving it away.  We had to look away a number of times.  She said she put a picture of their “parts” in the envelope as well.  We’re going to have to give them to the ice cream and balloon shops quickly in order to not want to peak!

The appointment with the psychologist was odd.  They wouldn’t let Steve come into the room with me and asked all sorts of questions about my and Steve’s previous drug and alcohol use, my mental state, stress levels, and our relationship.  Complete waste of time.  The lady said it was routine and mine was triggered because we drank more than 3 drinks a week before getting pregnant.  But when I answered no to all of her questions “no cocaine, no ecstasy” she said “Lisa, you are boring… but it’s a good thing”.  Um….

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  1. I can’t wait to find out if you are girls or boys…only for you would your Mother have blood work done! She has been known to pass out in the past! We all love you so much!!! Here’s to you, the Deluca Doubles. Love always Grama and Grampa Seacat

  2. “I say A is male and B is female because A has a more neanderthal brow and it looks like it has a beard!” – Grandma DeLuca

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