2013 – The Year of the Diapers

2013 – The Year of the Diapers

Happy New Year everyone!

Last year went by faster than any other year that I can remember.  It was an absolute blur.

We spent over $500 on diapers and the boys went through over 2,800 diapers.  Which comes out to a little over 7 diapers a day.  So we’ll dub 2013 the Year of the Diapers.

Other highlights from 2013:

  • The boys are eating anything and everything.  Solids solids solids. They are awesome eaters
  • They are both walking.
  • They go up and DOWN the stairs.
  • They both say mama and dada.  Nathan also says Dog.  It’s his first official word.  Which is perfect since his middle name is Douglas.  So sometimes we call him Nate Doug.
  • They love to read.  Anthony loves to turn the pages of the books.  He almost violently slaps at each page.
  • The boys have other ways of letting us know what they want, usually it’s through pointing, crying/throwing a fit, or getting really excited.  You should see Nathan when we start washing berries!

A few resolutions for the new year:

  • Don’t make the boys get shots the week of their Birthday.
  • Remove the pacifier… this is more my resolution than Steve’s.  They only use paci’s at nighttime and naps but I’d like to get them out of the picture before the boys can say “paci”.
  • See family more, even if it’s only through facetime.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2014! 

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