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ER visit

ER visit

Yesterday was the boys 15 month appointment . We took them to the pediatrician and they had two shots. When we got home they were acting okay but kind of sleepy . At 4:30 pm, Ann called upstairs to let me know Nathan was puking . He looked miserable and kept throwing up every 10 minutes.  It was scary.  We called the doctor for the second time around 7:30 pm and she said to take Nathan to the emergency room because of the worry of dehydration since he wasn’t holding down any liquids. Luckily our nanny is awesome… Ann came back to the house to hang out while Anthony slept and Steve and I headed to the hospital.


They triaged us and gave Nathan some zofran to stop the vomitting. It really was a magic pill. He was so much better after that.  Within 20 minutes he was no longer puking and was even asking for juice.  He was a whole new person.  We had to wait a bit longer before we could be taken back to see the doctor and she barely looked at him and said that the stomach flu was “going around”.  She gave us a prescription for zofran and sent us on our way.


Maybe he got something at the pediatrician’s office.  There weren’t any other kids there though so it must’ve been handling the blocks and toys.  Nathan did so much better today. It’s sad to see our little guy so miserable.  Despite it all he was his normal happy self when he wasn’t throwing up and even managed to crack a smile and laugh at daddy:

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