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Breast friend

Breast friend

Today is Saturday, it has been four days since the twins were born. The four of us are doing amazing, both boys are now latching on the boobs despite some frustrations. Being in the hospital is nice because there is a new lactation consultant every day who comes in and helps to coach us through some of the issues we’re facing.  I’ve found that it’s easier to feed the boys on the rocker using the twin “breast friend” (thanks Marcia!).  When we’re not trying to feed we’re pumping milk.  The strapless hands-free bra has been a life savor (thanks Hilary!).  I have probably gotten 3 hours of sleep over the past 4 days.

Breast Feeding rules:

  1. No Pain – relatch to comfort
  2. Deep latch – chin to breast, nipple to nose, wide mouth, scoop
  3. Round Nipple – compressed nipple is a sign of a shallow latch

Steve and I didn’t take a single baby class and definitely weren’t expecting to have the boys so early.  We are fast learners though and the nurses and technicians have been great about teaching us as we go.

I am very adamant that the boys breast feed and don’t get hooked on the bottle.  So we’re been finger feeding them which can be a pain.  Here’s a picture of daddy finger feeding.  Basically we take a syringe (which Steve is already an expert in using) and attach this long tube thing.  Then we place the tube on our pinky fingers and put our fingers in the babies mouths.  Then using our other hand (or another person) we push the syringe each time they suck to reward them for sucking.  We’ve been supplementing them after each feed in order to get their weights up.  Unless they gain weight they won’t be allowed to leave the hospital.