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Ann the Steelers FAN!

Ann the Steelers FAN!

Our nanny, Ann, was so confident that the Ravens would beat the Steelers that she said she’d let me take a picture of her in my Steeler’s jersey if they lost.  She hates the Steelers… as any good Ravens fan should.  She was born and raised in Baltimore and even went to college at Towson University.


Needless to say, when the Steelers pulled off the win last night (19-16), Ann was a good sport and even smiled for her picture.


Unfortunately I couldn’t find the boys jerseys for this picture.

Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms

The Steelers got their first win of the season last Sunday thanks to the boys showing off their Steeler pride.  They both had their game faces on which resulted in a win over the Jets, 19 to 6.


They might’ve been born in Baltimore but they bleed black and gold.  😉


**this post is dedicated to our nanny, Ann.  Go Steelers, beat the Ravens on Sunday!