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You would cry too

You would cry too

It’s their birthday, they can cry if they want to, cry if they want to…

Happy Birthday Boys!  Today you turn one.  It’s amazing how fast a year flies by. The day started out great.  Nathan was the first to wake up and Anthony wanted to keep sleeping in.  They got to open a present from Grama and Grampa Seacat… this cute plane that lights up and makes noises.

The boys loved it!
…then the day went down hill…
I scheduled the boys for their year checkup on their birthday… amateur move.  They had to get 4 shots.  Then, to make matters worse we decided to go across the hall to the lab where they took blood work.  After waiting 45 minutes at the time they typically go down for naps the boys were called back to get their blood drawn.  Nathan went first, they stuck him with a needle in his right arm and kept moving it around trying to find a vein.  They had a horrible time and were poking and prodding.  I was holding him as he wailed and I felt wheezy watching them hurt him.  They gave up and said we’d have to bring him back at another time.  Then it was Anthony’s turn.  Steve held him and they did find a vein as huge crocodile tears rolled down his face and he screamed in pain.  It was so sad.
They spent the rest of the day feeling horrible.  We took Anthony’s temperature around 5 pm and it was 102.6!  So we started freaking out and trying to cool him down.  Needless to say, they still enjoyed their favorite dinner (Daddy’s spaghetti), a little bit of chocolate cake, a nice warm bath, and some bedtime snuggles.