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We’ll Miss You Ann!!

We’ll Miss You Ann!!

Last Friday was Ann’s last day with the boys.  She’s been watching them for about 2 years!!  Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to full-time Ann as the boys got accepted into preschool at Cedarcroft school and start this coming Thursday, September 3rd. She has a new job lined up with another family nearby and promises to come visit all the time.  We’re going to hold her to it!





I don’t think the boys fully understood that Ann wasn’t going to be watching them anymore but we’re trying to distract them by talking up how much fun they will have at school. We are all going to miss you Ann!!

Nathan’s Adventure

Nathan’s Adventure

Yesterday I got this cute email from Keri that I just had to share…

Nathan finally figured out how to get under the Einstein. He was very proud.


Then he realized he could go up through the seat


So he poked his face through.


He was sitting up straight inside a new part of the Einstein and couldn’t be happier.NathanAdventure_4NathanAdventure_3

Until he wanted out and saw up as the only way. He knew your Mom and me were helping so he sat and waited for us to get the seat off. But he was a tiny bit scared.


Thought you might enjoy this little story about your son 🙂

Oh, and Anthony says, “Hey! What about me? Tell Mommy I’m trying my best to crawl for her.”NathanAdventure_7



Last week was the first week with our nanny and it went so well.  The boys really like Keri and she is so good with them.  I was able to focus on work when I needed to and she can put them down for naps without a problem. The week was filled with lots of book reading and laughter.

I hope she enjoys spending time with the boys because we definitely want to keep her around.

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Nanny Search

Nanny Search

We found a nanny! For the past month or so we have been meeting with ladies from all over Baltimore to find the boys the perfect fit. I signed up for SitterCity.com and then for Care.com when we didn’t get enough hits from SitterCity. We narrowed it down to our favorite three and then met Keri on Monday (who ironically was from SitterCity) and knew she’d be perfect. She had nanny experience and seemed comfortable with the boys despite them giving her a trying interview (both Anthony and Nathan were over tired and screamed in her face). Somehow we didn’t scare her off because she accepted our offer and starts next Monday. We’re excited to have her overlap with Grandma so Grandma can show Keri her baby whispering techniques. Phew, it feels good to be done with our nanny search.