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Fall Colors

Fall Colors

I love taking pictures of the kids in the leaves each fall.  Here we are this year!

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Cousin Fun

Cousin Fun

Aunt Katie decided to swing by Baltimore on her latest trip to visit her family.  We met Aunt Katie, her mother Ellen, and West and Townes at the Baltimore zoo for an afternoon of animals.  Steve and I decided it would be cheaper to just get a zoo pass for our family.  It was $125 for a year and we could go as often as we wanted with up to 4 children and a guest.  So hopefully Ann gets to take the boys with a friend every now and then.  West was talking up a storm and took a liking to Anthony.  They were so cute hugging each other goodbye.  When we got home we took some pictures of everyone.



This was the first we’ve seen Townes in a very long time.  He was a character, walking everywhere with his super red hair.



This was the best we could do as far as trying to get a picture of all of the boys together. Anthony and Nathan had just woken up from a nap so they were pretty grouchy.













Thank you Katie for going out of your way to come and visit us!



I love fall on the East coast.  The leaves are so gorgeous.  Ann and I decided to take a few pictures of the boys playing in the leaves for the first time.  They made sure to utilize all of their senses: touching, smelling, seeing, hearing the leaves crunch, and of course tasting!  Nathan loved being tickled by the leaves but otherwise just wanted to crawl back into the stroller.  Anthony, once plopped down, didn’t budge and just picked up leaves and put them in his mouth.

Can’t believe it’s been a year since Tiffany was here taking pictures of us under this same tree.  There you guys are in my belly!