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29w6d Labor & Delivery…

29w6d Labor & Delivery…

Yesterday Steve and I had a scare when my belly wouldn’t stop having repetitive more-painful-than-usual contractions.  I knew they weren’t full on contractions but they still had us worried.  The preterm labor guide we have says to call if there is more then 4 contractions that could be felt in an hour even if they weren’t painful and I was feeling them a lot more often then that.

When I told Steve I was going to call my Dr. he was having none of that and zipped me right into the car and off to the hospital.  I’m glad I have Steve to take care of me or I’d definitely wouldn’t have gone.  It must’ve been a busy day in the hospital and I wasn’t a huge priority because we waited over an hour and a half before anyone saw us.  We were then put into a transition room where each baby was attached to a device to monitor their heartrates and a 3rd device was monitoring my contractions.

The dr’s there were very good.. and young, about our age.  They spent a lot of time talking to us and treated the situation very seriously.  We went through lots of tests to make sure the babies and me were okay.  The dr. said my cervix was nice and long and closed… “nub shaped”.  I wasn’t dilated.  They took a look at the fluid for each baby and then decided to take them off the monitor because they were doing great.  Both boys are already trouble makers… A is still in breech and now B is traverse (sideways).  A was kicking the dr. as they were performing tests… he wanted none of that.  The doctors wanted to watch me for a couple more hours though.  They finally discharged us about 6 hours later, 7:30 pm.  My contractions were measured at about one every 5 minutes.  We were told to come in again on Thursday if I got worse.

We’re chalking that one up to a lack of fluids and food along with the stress of planning this cross country move.  We feel a lot better having gone to the hospital and not risked the babies by assuming everything was normal.  Just being in labor and delivery is scary and makes this process that much more real.  The goal is to keep these guys in for another 7 weeks which is going to go by super fast.