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Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016

This year was so much fun going trick or treating with the boys.  Anthony sprinted as fast as I’ve ever seen anyone run between houses.  Nathan was slow and steady making sure to inspect the candy bowls of all the houses and pick out the one he wanted at each.  Our friends, the Myers, came over beforehand for pizza and then we were off.  We had a blast!

Halloween 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween was so much fun this year.  The boys were very into it.  I already posted about Weber Cider Mill Farm and our search for the perfect pumpkins.  Later that afternoon Ann carved the pumpkins with the boys… well Nathan.  Anthony was fast asleep.  Nathan was very interested.




Ann and Steve carved some creative pumpkins.



And Nathan even helped me saw off the top:




Even Gracie enjoyed eating the insides of the pumpkin and hanging out inside pumpkins.



A couple glasses of wine and it only made sense to give Nathan a mohawk



Which was super cute with this Alligator costume (he reused it from last year)


The boys did amazing trick-or-treating.  I thought it’d be one or two houses max, but the boys walked to every single house on our street.  They even started says “treat” and holding out their bags.  Anthony was adorable in the monkey suit and so proud of his candy loot.


Hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween.



Weber’s Cider Mill Farm

Weber’s Cider Mill Farm

Last Friday, Halloween, I took a vacation day and went with Ann, the boys, Aunt Laurie, and my mom to Weber’s Cider Mill Farm.  Ann had recommended it.  It was perfect for the boys.  They had animals, and activities for small kids.  My favorites were the hay maze (my first!) and the burlap sack races.  They even had a haunted house and pumpkins to purchase.


I had never seen a white turkey before.  They were so ugly they were beautiful.



Anthony was sprinting between the activities.



And Grandma bought three pumpkins to bring home to carve.  The boys helped to pick out their favorites.




YouTube Preview Image







YouTube Preview Image

Ann might’ve been more excited than the boys to pet the animals.


We captured this picture of Anthony, perhaps one of my all time favorites.



Halloween with the Crows

Halloween with the Crows

My sister and her two sons came out to visit us to help prepare for and celebrate the boys first birthday.  It was so nice to see them.  They came out for 11 days and got in right before Halloween.  It was fun to see all of the boys together:


This was our boys first Halloween.  Sara’s son Knox got to sport his Iron man suit the days leading up to and following Halloween.  The entire house got lasered more times than we can count. He was the only one who really enjoyed (aka was old enough to understand) Halloween (other than us adults).  We took him trick-or-treating around our neighborhood.  The first house we went up to the lady asked “And, Who are you?” and Knox pulled up his mask and said ‘I’m Knox”.  It was the cutest thing ever!



Banks was dressed up as a monkey.  Not sure why we didn’t give him a banana to carry around with him.



Our boys got to wear their costumes from Grandma DeLuca again.


…with the addition of this sweet stash…



We had hundreds of kids from all over Baltimore stop by the house.  It was fun just handing out candy and seeing all of the kids dressed up.  We spent about $90 in candy…



Grandma Seacat had the most fun handing out candy.  Until a group of guys stole her entire bowl.

We have the cutest little monsters!


Halloween Parade

Halloween Parade

Our neighborhood had a Halloween parade where all the little kids dressed up and did a lap around the lakes yesterday.  The email the association sent out said the parade started at 1:30 but signs around the neighborhood said 1.  So we missed most of the parade, sneaking onto the tail end of it.  It was neat seeing all of the kiddos in costume.  The boys got to wear these really cute costumes that Grandma DeLuca got them.


YouTube Preview Image

But Gracie was the one that stole the show in her lobster suit.



Halloween has always been one of Steve and my favorite holidays. Nine years ago on Halloween was the first night we kissed. I was cat woman and he was a rocker. Such a fun night! I managed to dig up an old photo..

When I found out we were pregnant in march I was excited to have a giant pregnant belly to decorate come Halloween time.  It was perfect timing since I’d be about a month shy of the due date.  But, everything doesn’t always go as planned and here we are confined to the hospital room.  Steve and I did manage to have a little fun and decorate the belly anyways.

We missed Halloween at our first trick-or-treat-able house!  But we still made the most of it.