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Great Grandma Richardson

Great Grandma Richardson

I just dropped off my grandma, great grandma Richardson, at the airport.  She flew up from Orlando for the boys first birthday party and got to spend a few extra days after everyone left hanging out with our little family.


It was wonderful seeing you Grandma!  Thank you for taking a break from your busy life to spend some time with us.  We love you Great Grandma!

Great Grandma & Grandpa DeLuca

Great Grandma & Grandpa DeLuca

Today the boys got to meet their Great Grandma and Grandpa DeLuca as well as Steve’s Uncle Chuck. There were a few seconds of “stranger danger” crying from Nathan but the boys warmed up quickly and loved their great grandparents.

Nathan thought Great Grandma was tasty

And he found her very interesting

Anthony was so comfy with Great Grandpa that he even took a quick snooze.

Somehow Uncle Chuck snuck away without getting his photo taken…

We can’t wait until we see you all again!