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Finally going home!

Finally going home!

We were finally all discharged from the hospital.  At first it was the boys that they wanted to observe to make sure they were gaining weight, and then it was me.  I had very high blood pressure (130’s over 90’s).  The doctors put me on some blood pressure medication and wanted to keep me around for observation.  We didn’t get out of the hospital until after 6 pm on Sunday, 5 days after giving birth.

We were anxious to get out of there!  On one hand it was nice having so many people we could ask questions to and the nursery to feed the boys if we wanted a few extra hours of sleep.  But we spent so much time in that little room, the menu was getting old, the bed felt harder and harder each day, and we were constantly being interrupted by doctors and nurses running one test after another or just stopping by to see how we were doing.


**Thank you grandma and aunt Sara for picking out such fun going home outfits!

I had to sit on a wheel chair with two babies as one of the nurses wheeled me downstairs.  Nathan was a sleepy little guy looking styling in his green turtle outfit.  Anthony was not happy with the ride.  In the lobby he was screaming his head off and trying to slide out of my lap.  My mother bear instincts kicked in as almost everyone stopped to exclaim “oh my goodness, TWINS!”.  I wanted to use my body as a shield as if to say “no babies here”.

We hadn’t gotten the second car seat installed yet so Steve was rushing to get that done.  It was a very chilly night in Baltimore and we hustled to get both boys strapped in before they got too cold.  I’m shocked the nurse let us drive away because the straps on the babies were not correctly adjusted.  Grandma Seacat, my mom, was forced to squeeze between the two car seats in the back of the corolla.  I’m sure the five of us were a hilarious scene.

…it felt so good to finally sleep in our own bed after 2 weeks and 2 nights stay in the hospital.