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Making breakfast

Making breakfast

Yesterday and today Nathan has made everyone breakfast.  Yesterday Steve and I came downstairs and Nathan had put out four glasses of orange juice mixed with water, four plates, and on each of the four plates he had put a little pile of blueberries.  He was grinning ear to ear as he happily told us he had made breakfast.  Then this morning Anthony and Nathan made themselves toast and were proudly munching away.

Watching Daddy Cook

Watching Daddy Cook

Yesterday the boys decided to climb up on the bar stools and watch Steve peel some potatoes for dinner.  They have been very interested in watching Steve cook lately.  Especially Anthony.



They’ll even go and grab chairs and bring them over so they can get a front row view of what daddy is doing.  However, Nathan tends to lose focus and his attention pulls him towards something else after more than 30 seconds.


Grandpa’s Ribs

Grandpa’s Ribs

Over the long Memorial Day weekend Steve and I took the boys and drove out to Pittsburgh to visit Grandma and Grandpa DeLuca.  We were welcomed to the smell of ribs in the smoker.  Yum!  The boys loved them.  Anthony kept pointing to my ribs and insisted that he get to eat it off the bone like the adults.


He actually did a great job.

YouTube Preview Image


The next night we had lobster and that didn’t go as well.  For some reason the boys don’t seem to like the texture of lobster or shrimp.

YouTube Preview Image

Thank you for having us Grandma and Grandpa DeLuca!



Nathan’s favorite new fruit is the “Blazzberry”.  The blazzberry is one of Steve’s inventions.  It is a blueberry stuffed inside of a raspberry… and Nathan absolutely loved them.  He gets so excited when he seems blueberries and raspberries.  It is the one time he is not his patient self…. he can hardly control his excitement.


Anthony on the other hand doesn’t really like the berries.  He’ll eat them but after a while he just squishes the blueberries.

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

I’m a little slow on this post (so I’ll have to backdate it) but we had an awesome Thanksgiving.  My Aunt Leslie and Uncle Lonnie flew up on Monday evening to spend the week with us.  Katie, my cousin/their daughter, joined us on Wednesday evening.  It was the first time the boys got to meet Lonnie, Leslie, and Katie. Steve’s parents drove over from Pittsburgh and his brother, Paul, drove from Virginia.  So we had a full house.  It was so nice having familiar faces everywhere.  The boys did such a great job.


Anthony was so comfortable with Katie that he just threw his leg right over her.  There was no stranger danger at all with Katie.  I think they thought she looked a lot like me!


She is so good with babies!  She’s going to make a great mom some day.



Look at those baby holding skills:


Anthony got lots of kisses!





Our Thanksgiving feast was amazing.  Besides the giant 22 pound turkey we had the typical Thanksgiving essentials: sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, brussels sprouts, rolls.  And then some fun Richardson favorites: Strawberry pretzel salad, broccoli souffle and carrot souffle (the boys favorite!).

The turkey wasn’t the only 20 lb creature that needed to be prepared on Thanksgiving.  The boys got to get nice and clean in the kitchen sink.


I someone didn’t get pictures of the food?  …slacking this year.  But everyone humored me while I took some pictures of everyone with the boys.  Thank you guys!



Grandpa with Nate:



Grandma with Anthony



And here’s one of us (this one we used for our Christmas card)



It was a relaxing day of watching football and hanging out:



Miss you guys already!  We love you!



Messy Men

Messy Men

Our boys are loving trying out all sorts of new foods.  They love the taste, texture, smells… all of the pure and innocent reasons anyone would love food.  To really experience anything fully, it’s important to smear it on their faces…