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Montana Vacation

Montana Vacation

This year the boys had two weeks off between the end of summer camp and when school started up again so we decided to take the crew to Montana. We hadn’t been since the boys were crawling and we’d never had an opportunity before to get all 10 of my parent’s grandchildren together. So we were looking forward to the vacation for a long long time.

Unfortunately, the kids picked up the croup somewhere along the way and we spent the majority of the vacation feeling sick. We ended up taking all four kids to urgent care to get a steroid shot. But despite them all feeling under the weather, we made some good memories with their cousins.

As soon as Steve found out we’d be in Montana for the Solar Eclipse he insisted that we drive 4 hours each way to go see the full eclipse. Unfortunately we decided to take the boys and the road trip was miserable. But it was worth seeing a total eclipse for two minutes. I’ll remember most the gas station we stopped at where the boys got slushies bigger than themselves. If we live in Austin in 6 years we’ll get to see another one then! It was a super cool experience.

We drove up to Gail’s cabin and visited Virginia City one day.

Our favorite part about going to Montana is always sneaking away for some quiet time and going fishing with my dad. This time he took us down the Yellowstone River were we ended up catching 5 fish. Thank you dad!

We snuck away for a few nights and headed back to Helena. My dad took the boys out on the 4-wheeler which they got a huge kick out of. We also got to see Mandy and her family but somehow I didn’t get any pictures on my camera!


One of our favorite things about the trip was going to the Belgrade Digger Days. The boys got to operate real life excavators and Emily had to be dragged out of a dump truck.



One of our last days we we went camping at Mark and Katie’s house. The boys loved roasting marsh-mellows.

Of course the best part was getting to see my sister and brother and their thriving families.

Vacationing with four young kids is crazy and I needed another vacation from our vacation when we got back. It’s tough on them being out of their element and battling being sick but they have been asking when we’re going to go to Montana again. Maybe in a few years…. Thanks Montana crew for making us feel welcomed.

Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016

Christmas this year was amazing.  The boys were so into all the presents.  In fact we actually got them WAY too many things.  The boys told me that it would take an entire year to unwrap everything. We had to almost yell at them to focus and finish unwrapping.  At one point I unwrapped a few of the boys things.  Anthony *might* have unwrapped a few of Nathan’s things.  The girls were also pretty into it.  They didn’t really understand how to unwrap the presents but they enjoyed ripping the paper.  It was so nice having Steve’s mom and dad around to help out with the kids.  Unfortunately Paty was not here though! She spent Christmas day with her cousin in New York City but we got to celebrate when she got home.

TreeAw ReadingWithGma O FiretruckSisters EmsMe Ems DeLucaFam (2) ChristmasDayBoys DeLucaFam

I had the boys write some letters to Santa.  Super cute. “I was 100 good”.

LetterToSantaNathan LetterToSantaAnthony


Iowa State vs. West Virginia

Iowa State vs. West Virginia

I mentioned in the last post that my aunt and uncle and cousin came out to visit us for Thanksgiving.  Part of the reason they came out, other than to meet the boys, was to see their son, my cousin, Sam play football.  He plays quarterback for Iowa State.  I decided to make the drive with them over to West Virginia… and I’m so glad that I did.

KatieLisa2 Richardsons Lonnie

Even though we didn’t get to see Sam play we got to spend time chatting on the car ride and experience the excitement of a college football game.  It was one of the most exciting games I’ve seen because it went into triple overtime.  Very “sudden-death” like.  And the Cyclones ended up pulling off the victory 52-44 which ended their season with a 3-9 record.  I did make a wish on a single star that they put Sam Richardson in… turns out there were two Sam Richardson’s on the team so I should’ve been more specific in my wish.  We did get to see Sam for a little after the game before he had to jump on the bus and fly back to Iowa.  It was great to see everyone.  We’re going to have to plan a trip out to Florida.

Sam2 Sam1 Lonnie2

The trip was the longest I’ve been away from the boys since they were born.  I definitely missed them.  it didn’t help that I got a few texts from Steve saying that Nathan was taking 3 and 4 steps.

I wonder if you boys will play sports in college like your mommy and daddy?!?  Being athletic definitely runs in the family.

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

I’m a little slow on this post (so I’ll have to backdate it) but we had an awesome Thanksgiving.  My Aunt Leslie and Uncle Lonnie flew up on Monday evening to spend the week with us.  Katie, my cousin/their daughter, joined us on Wednesday evening.  It was the first time the boys got to meet Lonnie, Leslie, and Katie. Steve’s parents drove over from Pittsburgh and his brother, Paul, drove from Virginia.  So we had a full house.  It was so nice having familiar faces everywhere.  The boys did such a great job.


Anthony was so comfortable with Katie that he just threw his leg right over her.  There was no stranger danger at all with Katie.  I think they thought she looked a lot like me!


She is so good with babies!  She’s going to make a great mom some day.



Look at those baby holding skills:


Anthony got lots of kisses!





Our Thanksgiving feast was amazing.  Besides the giant 22 pound turkey we had the typical Thanksgiving essentials: sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, brussels sprouts, rolls.  And then some fun Richardson favorites: Strawberry pretzel salad, broccoli souffle and carrot souffle (the boys favorite!).

The turkey wasn’t the only 20 lb creature that needed to be prepared on Thanksgiving.  The boys got to get nice and clean in the kitchen sink.


I someone didn’t get pictures of the food?  …slacking this year.  But everyone humored me while I took some pictures of everyone with the boys.  Thank you guys!



Grandpa with Nate:



Grandma with Anthony



And here’s one of us (this one we used for our Christmas card)



It was a relaxing day of watching football and hanging out:



Miss you guys already!  We love you!



Halloween with the Crows

Halloween with the Crows

My sister and her two sons came out to visit us to help prepare for and celebrate the boys first birthday.  It was so nice to see them.  They came out for 11 days and got in right before Halloween.  It was fun to see all of the boys together:


This was our boys first Halloween.  Sara’s son Knox got to sport his Iron man suit the days leading up to and following Halloween.  The entire house got lasered more times than we can count. He was the only one who really enjoyed (aka was old enough to understand) Halloween (other than us adults).  We took him trick-or-treating around our neighborhood.  The first house we went up to the lady asked “And, Who are you?” and Knox pulled up his mask and said ‘I’m Knox”.  It was the cutest thing ever!



Banks was dressed up as a monkey.  Not sure why we didn’t give him a banana to carry around with him.



Our boys got to wear their costumes from Grandma DeLuca again.


…with the addition of this sweet stash…



We had hundreds of kids from all over Baltimore stop by the house.  It was fun just handing out candy and seeing all of the kids dressed up.  We spent about $90 in candy…



Grandma Seacat had the most fun handing out candy.  Until a group of guys stole her entire bowl.

We have the cutest little monsters!