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Fall Colors

Fall Colors

I love taking pictures of the kids in the leaves each fall.  Here we are this year!

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Snowzilla Jonas

Snowzilla Jonas

Baltimore was recently hit with a record breaking snow storm named Storm Jonas.  In preparation for it’s arrival the Baltimore schools decided to close a day early when no snow was expected to fall until 6 pm (wtf?).  I ventured out of the house on that Friday evening with Paty for her first supermarket adventure… which was not normal.  We waited in line for 45 minutes to check out.  We had Olivia with us and she did such a great job shopping.

Steve captured a timelapse of the storm before my camera ran out of batteries

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We ended up getting about 28 inches of snow.


It was pretty fun to have all this snow, especially when we had no where to go.  The boys had a blast playing outside with Steve.  They helped to shovel out the cars and went sledding.  We took some walks around the neighborhood and enjoyed hot chocolate.



We spent a lot of time inside together enjoying some snow days:


This was Paty’s first time experiencing snow… and what an experience!  The girls also had their first experience in the snow.  We took them out only for a short period of time.


I didn’t want them to get frostbite.  They looked adorable in their hot pink snow suits.

Steve built one of the biggest snowmen I’d ever seen.

snowman snowman2 snowman3

The novelty wore off quick and we were ready to go back to school.  Steve was able to dig out the car and was back to work on Tuesday.  Unfortunately Baltimore wasn’t able to “handle” the amount of snow so schools were cancelled for 6 days.  We’re lucky that Alissa was willing to come watch the boys on Wednesday – Friday.  Paty was doing a great job by herself with all four but it was easier on everyone to have an extra set of hands.  We’re hoping they can go back to school on Monday.



Sip & See

Sip & See


My friend, Dawn Meyers, offered to throw me a sip & see party for the girls.  We had the party this past Saturday and it was beautiful.  It was so nice not to have to worry about anything but straightening the place up.  Dawn did everything and it was obvious she spent a lot of time putting the party together.  She hand made all the food, bought balloons and decorations, and handled all the beverages.  Dawn even had to leave in the middle of the party to head to urgent care because she cut her finger while preparing the food.


Luckily urgent care said it wasn’t too concerned and bandaged her up.  We had a great turn out for the party.  My grandmother and Aunt Laurie were even in town to help out with the girls (Steve and I went to NYC last Thursday night and they came in to help my mom).

Tulips 2015

Tulips 2015

Last weekend we headed over to Guilford for our annual pictures of the boys with the tulips.  They had a blast.  They were sprinting all around the place and it was tough to keep up with Anthony.  Here’s the pictures from 2014, and 2013. It’s amazing how fast kids grow when they’re young.



They DO exist!!

They DO exist!!

We finally found and had a great contractor experience in Baltimore.  After our first experience (Kitchen remodel nightmare which ended in disaster and a lawsuit), Steve and I were hesitant to contract out any additional work on our home.  But we had some major repairs that needed to be fixed that we couldn’t do ourselves.

We’ve been nervous about sitting out on our front porch swing because it was clear that some of the porch wood was rotting.  Finally we decided to give in and asked for recommendations from neighbors.  Dexter Remodeling LLC came highly recommended so I called him to swing by and give an estimate on a Monday.  We got the quote on Monday evening and he was able to start the job that Thursday.  The problem seemed to come from some leaks in the slate roof that was causing water to seep into the wood.  He worked along-side with his crew and they whole thing was done on Friday in time for us to enjoy our porch swing by the weekend (included carpentry, new beam, and slate replacement).  He was very honest and even suggested we do a few “easy” steps ourselves to save money.

Porch before:

porchduring porchrot

Porch after:


We also asked him to take a look at some repairs that we needed to do to the back of our home.  Building a back step, re-installing a storm door, fixing a poorly installed door that didn’t have weather proofing.  He did the entire thing in less than two days and it looks great.  We feel so relieved to finally have the work complete.

We will definitely be going with Dexter again for any future indoor/outdoor home projects in Baltimore.

Backdoor before:


Backdoor after:


Holiday Party

Holiday Party


Last night was Steve’s holiday party for the Carnegie Institute.  It was held at a local country club.  Steve and I got all dressed up and left the boys in the loving hands of Grandma and Grandpa DeLuca.  They came in for the weekend to give the boys their Christmas presents early.  *spoiled/lovedDudes* The party was so much fun.  Steve and I had a much needed escape from the norm and enjoyed a night of dancing.  We were even the first on the dance floor.

Before we headed out we got some pictures… check it out:








I ordered some new art from Etsy and we stretched it onto a frame yesterday… hence the new backdrop.




Oregon Ridge

Oregon Ridge

Ann, our nanny, told us about this fun nature trail she used to go to a lot as a kid so today we decided to go check it out.  It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon… a perfect day to be playing outside.

turtleantWe started out by going inside the Nature Center.  There were fish tanks with turtles, frogs, snakes, and cockroaches.  There was even some bees and chickens.  The boys LOVED the turtles.  Anthony was squeaking with excitement.

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Nathan pointed out how cool they were.



Then we walked over a bridge on a short nature hike.



And through the woods

NatureTrailNathan was very careful on the slight incline.  He got down on his butt and scooted down the hill.

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Then we headed to the beach.

AntCuteIt was surrounded by picnic tables and beautiful trees




The boys enjoyed playing in the sand




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And eating the sand too.

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We finished the day by playing on the playground equipment and sliding down the slides.

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Nathan was upset when other kids tried to play on “their” toys.  They got the hang of the slides very quickly.  racing between the slide and the steps to get up and go again.  Anthony preferred to go down on his belly while Nathan liked to sit on his bum.

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Tulips 2014

Tulips 2014

Today Steve and I took the boys for an adventure to visit the tulip garden in Guilford like we did last year.  Nathan slept through most of the adventure but woke up at the very end.

Nathan exploring the tulips

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