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36 weeks

36 weeks


I’m 36 weeks today.  This is exactly how far along i was when the boys were born.  It’s hard to imagine going another two weeks.  I feel like I’ve been stretched as far as I can go. We have a cesarean section scheduled for September 8th so I’ll be 37w6d when the girls arrive.

Symptoms lately

  • My knees are starting to feel the extra weight especially when getting up from a sitting position.
  • My blood pressure is slowly rising but not nearly as bad as with the boys.  It’s been around 120/70 this past week.
  • I don’t walk anymore. ..it’s more of a waddle. I throw my weight from side to side to move forward.
  • Getting out of bed to pee in the middle of the night is fun. I roll onto my left side and then put my weight on my left arm as leverage to get off the mattress.
  • My ribs are killing me but I don’t feel kicks against them.
  • My lower back has been screaming at me today.
  • My belly button is slightly off center to the right. I think it’s because that’s where the girls heads are.
  • I’ve been a little stressed lately trying to figure out how I can possibly do all the things I need to do for work and home before the girls get here. Thank goodness my mother is here to help us around the house.
  • I’ve gained about 30 pounds this pregnancy.
  • I’m scared of having another csection.

Despite what looks like a lot of complaints I’m feeling pretty good.  The evenings are a lot worse than the mornings and I feel like I could easily go another month.  However, most doctors don’t let twins go past 38 weeks…