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18 week anatomy scan

18 week anatomy scan

This morning Steve and I went in for the twins anatomy scan.  They both looked great.  Nothing too exciting to report.  They both seemed a little shy and/or tired with their arms up covering their faces.  They were still positioned almost like they were on bunk beds with Baby B being pushed up to my chest by Baby A from down below.  There seemed to be a lot of kicking and random feet in other baby’s faces during most of the scan.  The ultrasound tech did manage to get a couple good profile pictures though.  Baby A measured 8 oz. with a heart beat of 150 bpm.  Baby B measured 9 oz. with a heartbeat of 155 bpm.  Very close to what the boys measured.  The ultrasound tech let Steve take a video once everything looked okay.

YouTube Preview Image

We had her put their genders in an envelop so we’ll do our little gender reveal today and share the results.  I’m 18w5d (according to the adjusted date) but based on lmp I’m 18w2d.

Here’s a picture of my belly from Saturday:


They DO exist!!

They DO exist!!

We finally found and had a great contractor experience in Baltimore.  After our first experience (Kitchen remodel nightmare which ended in disaster and a lawsuit), Steve and I were hesitant to contract out any additional work on our home.  But we had some major repairs that needed to be fixed that we couldn’t do ourselves.

We’ve been nervous about sitting out on our front porch swing because it was clear that some of the porch wood was rotting.  Finally we decided to give in and asked for recommendations from neighbors.  Dexter Remodeling LLC came highly recommended so I called him to swing by and give an estimate on a Monday.  We got the quote on Monday evening and he was able to start the job that Thursday.  The problem seemed to come from some leaks in the slate roof that was causing water to seep into the wood.  He worked along-side with his crew and they whole thing was done on Friday in time for us to enjoy our porch swing by the weekend (included carpentry, new beam, and slate replacement).  He was very honest and even suggested we do a few “easy” steps ourselves to save money.

Porch before:

porchduring porchrot

Porch after:


We also asked him to take a look at some repairs that we needed to do to the back of our home.  Building a back step, re-installing a storm door, fixing a poorly installed door that didn’t have weather proofing.  He did the entire thing in less than two days and it looks great.  We feel so relieved to finally have the work complete.

We will definitely be going with Dexter again for any future indoor/outdoor home projects in Baltimore.

Backdoor before:


Backdoor after:


The smell of flowers

The smell of flowers

This weekend was beautiful in Baltimore.  We spent most of the day outside.  The boys loved picking and smelling flowers and just running around in the grass.  We got them a sandbox.  To top off our good mood we finally got the front porch fixed, I found a contractor last Monday who was able to do everything by Friday afternoon (only 2 days of work).  What a relief to choose a contractor in Baltimore that actually showed up to do the work AND completed it quickly.

On Sunday, Gracie was going to get a photo shoot since she’s the neighborhood dog of the month.  So since we were all dressed up I was able to capture some good pictures of the boys looking handsome.