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1 month old

1 month old

Yesterday the boys turned 1 month old.  They are getting so big so quickly.  Steve and I are slowly understanding what it means to be parents and learning the personalities of the boys.

Taking photos of twins together is not an easy feat!  If only it were as easy as taking pictures of their robots:

*took one take* …500 or so photos later…

Here are some photos of the boys Grandma Seacat and I took next to their robots from Aunt Sara:

Anthony (wide awake and happily fed)

Nathan (sleepy and patiently waiting to get his turn to eat)

The guys together!

It will be so much fun for these guys to grow up with a brother and built in best friend.

A little before 3 weeks we introduced the pacifier.  When we were at the hospital the #1 rule to getting babies to breast feed was NOT to use a pacifier…. so I was a little hesitant when Steve suggested we try them.  But the boys LOVE them.  Especially Anthony.  The “pacie” has become a lifesavor.

We have developed a nightly routine for feeding.  There are basically three shifts.  To make it fair, we have made it so that Steve, my mom, and I each take two of the shifts with the goal being that at any given feeding there is one person who has a break and can theoretically catch up on sleep.  That hasn’t always worked out that well.  Grandma has the room next to the nursery so she hears every little sound and doesn’t get much sleep.  I pump during the day and we given Nathan a bottle for all three feedings, and Anthony one for the feeding I get to sleep though.

Speaking of Grandma… We have less than a week of her time here with us before she has to fly back to Montana.  I know we could do it without her but it’d mean sacrificing my sanity.  Twins are tough!  Having that third set of hands has meant a little bit more personal time for each of us.  Steve is frantically trying to finish a paper and his thesis and I need to do a few things for work and a daily shower is always nice.  I am so thankful she was here for us… especially during the beginning when I was recovering and getting out of bed was hard enough with the incision.  Plus she’s shared lots of great knowledge like how to swaddle, how to give them baths, walking through the “why won’t they stop crying” checklist, and she is always encouraging and supportive of my desire to breastfeed. It’s nice to have someone in my corner especially when it seems so much easier to give up and go to formula.

Unfortunately Anthony and Nathan aren’t always on the same schedule.  Nathan likes his sleep so he can go a little longer between feedings and Anthony is a hungry little guy and usually wants to eat every couple hours.  This makes it tough during the day trying to do anything but feed babies!  When I can throw them both on at the same time it makes it feel like I have an eternity between feedings.  It’s also super cute looking down and seeing two little guys nursing.  Steve says I look like I have a liter of puppies on me.

Grandma and Grandpa DeLuca got the boys the double Bob stroller and it has been amazing.  We’ve only had it for a couple days but it’s a great way to get the boys out of the house and not feel in a rush to get back to them.  I am still recovering *coughNOABMUSCLEScough* so walking is important for me to get better.  Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!

The boys have both rolled from their fronts to their backs.  This happened around 3 weeks old.  I think it is more that they don’t weigh very much so their heads are heavy causing them to be pulled over.  But I still think it’s a good milestone to remember.

Gracie has been AWESOME with the boys.  She is very curious.  She’ll sniff them but is very gentle and keeps her distance.  She still wants to be part of the family and makes sure to find the warmest lap or blanket to crawl under.  Sometimes it’s rough when there is a baby on top of the blanket.  Today we changed Anthony’s diaper on the floor and she was super cute.  She brought over her toy squid and put it between his legs and nibbled on the toy.  We were doing tummy time and she wanted to play with Anthony.  It’s going to be fun when they are a little older and can interact with each other, Gracie, and us.

I love this photo of Anthony.  During the photoshoot he looked down and discovered that he had hands.  It was the most adorable thing ever.

Four week old appointment

Four week old appointment

Yesterday we went to the pediatrician for the boys 4 week old appointment.  Here’s their stats:


weight: 6 pounds 9 ounces (bottom 5th percentile)

height: 19 3/4″ (bottom 5th percentile)


weight: 6 pounds 6 ounces (bottom 5th percentile)

height: 19 5/8″ (bottom 5th percentile)


They also both got their second Hepatitis B vaccines. I think they’re in the bottom 5th percentile because they were premature.  They’re going to catch up soon…