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School Lunch

School Lunch

Yesterday we had no food to pack the boys a lunch for school.  But luckily my Amazon fresh delivery was scheduled before 10 am.  So we sent the boys to school empty-handed and I called the school to let them know that I was going to bring the boys their lunch and stay to eat with them.

When I got there all the children were outside for recess. I felt like a celebrity as they all confidently came up to meet me and tell me their life stories.  By the end of recess I was “driving” a choo-choo-train with about 10 children on board who helped to add “coal” (pine chips) to the engine as we drove off to California.  Anthony took my hand and showed me all of his favorite school yard toys.

Then we all lined up and headed inside.  I got to sit at the table with the boys and we ate together. Nathan proudly told 4 or 5 children that I was his mommy.  We also got invited to Helia’s birthday twice. I learned all about all of the activite and decorations in their classroom. The teachers were very welcoming and I did my best to not disrupt the norm too much. Everyone sat surprisingly well behaved as they ate their lunches.  It was interesting to see what all the other parents pack for their children. It inspired me to get the boys each their own lunch boxes for their birthday (THIS SUNDAY!!!).

I had so much fun and hopefully I make it a few more times this year to enjoy lunch with the boys. For all you other parents out there, it’s something you have to experience. I’m so proud of my guys and how fast they are growing up.

First day of school!

First day of school!


Today was the boys first day of school!  They are starting a half day program at Cedarcroft in Baltimore.  They have been so excited the last few weeks.  There are two teachers always in the room but one teacher that is there 5 days a week, Miss Jennifer.  Then on Tuesdays and Thursdays Miss Karen is there as well.  On MWF, Miss ? helps out Miss Jennifer.  Supposedly they are in a classroom of older 2’s and there are about 9 students.

This morning Steve dropped me and the boys off near the front (yes we got yelled at), and I walked the boys in where we waited and took a few pictures.  Then when Steve got there we walked the boys down into their classroom.

Nathan was immediately at home playing with all the toys and practically ignoring us.  Anthony on the other hand when we said goodbye got pretty sad.  He told Steve he was scared and threw himself on the ground in tears.  Steve felt bad leaving them but I knew as soon as we left that they’d be happy.  I can’t wait to hear how their first day goes!

Let’s hope it’s nothing like this: –> Toddler Fightclub.

Update: Just picked them up from school.  They were both nicely sitting on a little bench looking utterly exhausted when we walked down to say hello.  Apparently Nathan had a little bit of a fit in the morning that he was left alone.  He must not have realized that Steve and I had left despite saying goodbye to him.  Anthony did a little better but threw a few tantrums when told to move from one activity to the next.  This is the first time in their lives where they’ve had any “order” or have been told what activities to do.  Usually they call the shots… so apparently they didn’t like being told what to do.  Anthony had to be carried up to opening ceremonies by the head mistress, Miss Kate.  They were still wearing the clothes they came to school in so that’s a win!  When we got home the boys had a good lunch and are currently snuggled in their beds.  Hopefully they are exhausted and get a good nap.


First Day art project


Anthony is ready for school



Day 2: Grandma picked the boys up from school on day two and she said the teachers were very impressed with the boys. Apparently they are “natural leaders” and set good examples for the other kids in the class. They said please and thank you with their snacks and threw their trash away after they were done.