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Science Center

Science Center

We decided to get a family membership to the Maryland Science Center here in Baltimore.  We took the boys once together and then Steve went again with Paul when he was visiting last weekend.



There is a smaller kids area up on the top floor that the boys absolutely love.  We could probably bring the boys and they’d entertain themselves all day just in that little area.



So cute when Nathan figured out the two way toy thing that if he pushed on one side the other side would expand.


YouTube Preview Image

JR’s Wedding

JR’s Wedding

Friday was JR’s wedding.  Mom wanted to leave around 2:30 to get there for the 4 pm ceremony because apparently traffic can be rough.  Jake was on his way out the door so Steve jumped in the car with him about ten minutes before we left.  When we were almost to the ceremony I get a text from Steve saying to get off of 417 because there was a wreck and Steve and Jake were stopped in traffic.  Not sure how they were still on the highway, maybe they took a different exit than us.  There was a good amount of freaking out at the wedding site when we told everyone the father of the groom was stuck in traffic with no ETA.  Luckily Jake wasn’t alone and Steve was able to help communicate with us all on when Jake was going to arrive.  The venue, Leu Gardens, was very adamant that the place closed at 5 pm and we had to be off the property by then.  According to Steve, Jake almost walked and even thought about stopping a motorcyclist to get to the wedding on time.  He was not going to miss his sons wedding.  Luckily things cleared up and they made it to the site around 4:34 pm.  In the meanwhile I helped with some photo distractions.

Wasn’t Savanah gorgeous?!?  I loved her dress.



So glad Jake made it on time.  They were even picked up by a golf course and rushed to the ceremony site.



The rest of the wedding was pretty uneventful.  Nathan slept through the ceremony on Katie’s lap and Anthony played peek-a-boo with Sam.  The boys stayed with a babysitter at Lonnie and Leslie’s during the reception so Steve and I got to do a lot of dancing.  Everyone looked beautiful.

Congratulations J.R. and Savanah!


Holiday Party

Holiday Party


Last night was Steve’s holiday party for the Carnegie Institute.  It was held at a local country club.  Steve and I got all dressed up and left the boys in the loving hands of Grandma and Grandpa DeLuca.  They came in for the weekend to give the boys their Christmas presents early.  *spoiled/lovedDudes* The party was so much fun.  Steve and I had a much needed escape from the norm and enjoyed a night of dancing.  We were even the first on the dance floor.

Before we headed out we got some pictures… check it out:








I ordered some new art from Etsy and we stretched it onto a frame yesterday… hence the new backdrop.




Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday

Just a few photos from this past Sunday.

Fun with the new camera

Fun with the new camera

I got my new Nikon D750 camera so I went a little overboard with the photos today.  The boys didn’t seem to mind.  There was some complaining from Steve but he will get over it.  Check out these happy boys.

Some videos:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Weber’s Cider Mill Farm

Weber’s Cider Mill Farm

Last Friday, Halloween, I took a vacation day and went with Ann, the boys, Aunt Laurie, and my mom to Weber’s Cider Mill Farm.  Ann had recommended it.  It was perfect for the boys.  They had animals, and activities for small kids.  My favorites were the hay maze (my first!) and the burlap sack races.  They even had a haunted house and pumpkins to purchase.


I had never seen a white turkey before.  They were so ugly they were beautiful.



Anthony was sprinting between the activities.



And Grandma bought three pumpkins to bring home to carve.  The boys helped to pick out their favorites.




YouTube Preview Image







YouTube Preview Image

Ann might’ve been more excited than the boys to pet the animals.


We captured this picture of Anthony, perhaps one of my all time favorites.