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Sip & See

Sip & See


My friend, Dawn Meyers, offered to throw me a sip & see party for the girls.  We had the party this past Saturday and it was beautiful.  It was so nice not to have to worry about anything but straightening the place up.  Dawn did everything and it was obvious she spent a lot of time putting the party together.  She hand made all the food, bought balloons and decorations, and handled all the beverages.  Dawn even had to leave in the middle of the party to head to urgent care because she cut her finger while preparing the food.


Luckily urgent care said it wasn’t too concerned and bandaged her up.  We had a great turn out for the party.  My grandmother and Aunt Laurie were even in town to help out with the girls (Steve and I went to NYC last Thursday night and they came in to help my mom).

Happy Birthday Oliver

Happy Birthday Oliver

The boys favorite neighborhood friend, Willie, came over with his mom and little brother, Oliver, with cupcakes a couple weeks ago to celebrate Oliver’s first birthday!  It was so nice of them to include us in the celebration.  It took me a bit to get these pictures online but here are some of the boys enjoying the cupcakes… with sprinkles!





Play Dates with Willy

Play Dates with Willy

The boys have had a bunch of playdates with one of our neighbors.  It’s been awesome seeing them interact with another boy about their age.  I’ve also really enjoyed becoming friends with Willy’s mother, Dawn.  Yesterday we went over to their house and played with play-dough and had some pizza.  The boys had a great time.


Best Buds

Best Buds

Anthony and Nathan have been pushing around the dinning room chairs for some time now.  They push them up next to the light switches to turn on and off the lights or up near the countertops to get into trouble.  Sometimes they’ll each get their own chair but a lot of times they’ll share a single chair.  Whenever Nathan is on the chair first I can ask Anthony to give Nathan a hug and he gives him a squeeze.  They love being together.




Blueberry picking

Blueberry picking

Yesterday we took the boys to Hybridoma, an organic fruit farm to pick blueberries.


It was about a half an hour drive from our house.  We checked in and grabbed our bucket and then headed over to the raspberry and blackberry patches.  There weren’t really any berries there though.  The blueberries was were the excitement was at.  The boys LOVED it.  We showed them how to pick the berries off the bush and the boys learned really fast.  Most of the berries they picked went into their mouths and not into the bucket.  At one point Nathan put one of his white berries (read: not ripe at all) into the bucket and then pulled out a handful of good blueberries that he immediately shoved in his mouth.


They were very independent moving between the bushes searching for berries.  However, the boys did want to be near each other for the most part.  We ended up getting a little over a pound and a half of delicious blueberries.  Someone they taste that much better knowing that we picked them ourselves.



First Birthday Party

First Birthday Party

The boys were blessed to celebrate their very first birthday with so many friends and family members.  My Aunt Laurie, Grandma Richardson, mother, sister Sara, and Sara’s two sons all flew in early to help.  It was a lot of work organizing the food, making the deserts, and rearranging the house.  But it turned out beautiful.  Thank you guys for your help!


Only thing I would’ve changed was how the boys felt.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, the boys had 4 shots on their actual birthday.  They had super high fevers and were all around in bad spirits.  That meant for their party they were a little overwhelmed by having so much attention… they did a lot of sleeping.

People Photos

Somehow I didn’t manage to get a group shot of everyone…. But here are a few from earlier in the evening:

The Food

The Cake

The cake was my favorite part.  I found this neat cake mix at the store that created a rainbow effect.  Everyone helped make it, even Knox.  He enjoyed seeing how different colors mixed together made new colors.




The Cake Smashing

Not as glamorous as I imagined the cake smash to be… Nathan was definitely not interested.  Anthony humored us and at least sat there next to the cake.  He was doing this super cute shoulder rolling that I’d never seen him do before.  Luckily Banks was there to show them how to dive in.  Thank you Uncle Chuck for capturing the memories.  Grandma Seacat took a 15 minute video so when I can get that from her I’ll update this post with a video.

Thank you everyone for making their first birthday unforgettable.  They loved all of the gifts and seeing everyone’s smiling faces.

The Needhams

The Needhams

While vising Montana we got to spend some quality time with my best friend from home, Mandy Needham and her beautiful family.  Miss you already Mandy!







Finna has grown up into such a fun little girl.  She has the best personality and commands the room.  At Mark’s house the boys were listening to her every word:



… this is how Anthony felt about girls touching him…