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Last night baby B got the hiccups.  It felt like rhythmic little pushes against my belly.  Steve and my mom got to feel it too.  These girls are definitely more active during the evenings.  I’m just a few days shy of 28 weeks.  Only about 2 months to go!

26 week ultrasound

26 week ultrasound

Yesterday I brought my mom with me for my monthly ultrasound to see how the girls were measuring.  They were right on schedule.  Baby A weighed 2 lbs 3 ounces with a heart beat of 141 bpm.  Baby B weighed 1 lb 15 ounces with a heart beat of 144 bpm.  Baby B was being super stubborn and wouldn’t turn so we could get a good look at her face.  So all of the pictures are of Baby A.  Baby A is super flexible.  She had her feet up by her head, just hanging out.  Both of them were breach.  Baby A is on my right side, and Baby B is on my left side.  The technician said that wouldn’t change for the remainder of the pregnancy.  It was fun to take my mom with me to the scan.  We figured she hadn’t been to one since she was pregnant with my sister.  It was a bit frustrating that we had to wait an hour to be seen at the office.  Here are the pictures we got:

BabyAheartrate BabyAProfile BabyAProfile2 babyAprofile3 BabyBheartrate babyAFoot

Hopefully we have another 12 weeks to get these little ladies to turn heads down.



One of the biggest differences I’ve noticed between these two pregnancies was how much I can feel the girls moving.  Especially at night they are always squirming around.  I can even see the movement from the outside which I never remember seeing with the boys.

Here’s a video from 22 weeks (almost a month ago):

YouTube Preview Image

Two Girlies

Two Girlies

By this point you should have seen our gender reveal videos and saw that we are having twin girls!  I’m in shock.  I can’t believe that we’re having twin girls.  I am so excited.  I would be lying if I told you that I didn’t want at least one daughter but two is going to be so much fun.  For as long as I can remember I always said that I wanted to have one of each and if we didn’t get one of each we’d try for a 3rd.  So in my two pregnancies I’m getting my one of each sex… only with a double dose each time.


When we found out the genders I was so excited but for a second I looked over to see the boys sitting next to Steve on the counter in our kitchen just being their cute selves and part of me was a little sad that I wasn’t going to have another son.  I love these boys!

It’s not 100% certain that we’re having girls though!  Both of the cards said “Baby A appears to be a Girl!”.  So there is always the chance that one (or both) of them are actually boys.

However, I’m ready to start nesting.  Digging out the cribs, setting up a nursery, and buying some pink stuff!

15 week belly

15 week belly

Here’s a picture of me at 15 weeks with my second set of twins.  My belly definitely “popped” at 13 weeks.



Differences in this pregnancy:

  • I don’t remember getting nose bleeds with the boys but I have gotten them a handful of times this pregnancy.
  • My boobs are bigger.  It’s almost like they got stretched out from all the breastfeeding that when I got pregnant again they went back to where they were while breatfeeding.
  • No throwing up… yet.  I’m probably in the clear since I’m already in the second trimester.
  • Extreme exhaustion for the first trimester.  I know I was tired with the boys but I don’t remember being that tired.  Part of the exhaustion might be also dealing with toddler twins.  My energy has increased over the last two weeks, though.

“Babies Ruin Bodies”

“Babies Ruin Bodies”

I just saw this blog post and had to share…


Before I became pregnant, someone told me, “don’t have a baby, babies ruin your body.”

It has been over a year since Anabel began her life. This time last year she was a microscopic speck in my stomach, and we were announcing our pregnancy. Between then and now, I have gained and lost fifty pounds. Four months after her birth, and my body still carries proof of her existence.

I have dark pools under my eyes. A valley where my belly button once was. Hips with a new amplitude that my teenage self wouldn’t recognize. I have lines mapped across the mountains of stretched skin left over on my midsection. Lightening bolts on my sides proving I once was too small to contain all of the love that filled me. Lines indicating that my daughter once lived inside of me.

Do you realize the significance in that? Every limb, finger, toe…her heart, even, developed near the very place my own heart beats inside of my chest. Those mountains of skin are all I have left to prove that we were once one and not two.

How can I be ashamed of that?

I have so much to say about seeing my grandfather’s eyes embedded into the sockets, and under the brows and lashes of her father’s. I see the seventeen year old boy I fell in love with, and my grandpa as a child all at once every time she looks up at me. She even wears my ears and my chin. The two very things I cursed having the most growing up. Not much makes me feel more beautiful than seeing tiny renditions of those same features on Anabel, and realizing just how special they are.

My body grew that. 
Not everybody has that privilege.

Sure my belly is a bit softer nowadays, but the way it moves when I jump up and down sends my girl into fits of giggles. And yeah, my hips are hardly as narrow as they used to be, but they sure know the perfect figure-8 motion to sway her to sleep. My twenty-one year old hair is even beginning to gray, but not much soothes her more than my hair between her tiny fingers.

I am not something flawless in the eyes of society, or even close to what I once was physically, but my perfect girl sees me for who I am. To her, I hang the moon.She knows my heart. She knew it long before we met.

And she loves me for it.

I cannot tell you how much worth and validation I feel because of that truth.

My body is only a vessel for my spirit. An incredible vessel. It is strong, well, abled, and undefeated.

My body is full of life.
My body is powerful.
My body made me a mother. 

If anything, I was ruined by the world before I knew her & she made me whole again.


Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air

It’s spring time and the weather in Baltimore is gorgeous.  I have shaken out the dust on my shorts (haven’t been able to wear them in 7 years) and am excited to see the spring flowers.  It was 90 degrees today!

Spring isn’t the only thing in the air… four out of our eight bridesmaids/groomsmen (that we know of) are pregnant!  I’d tell you who they are but I’m not sure they’ve all told the world yet.



Congratulations guys!  You know who you are… 😉