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Melissa & Will’s Wedding

Melissa & Will’s Wedding

Yesterday we took the boys to York, Pennsylvania to attend Melissa and Will’s wedding.  Melissa is my Aunt Pat’s daughters, daughter.  Not sure what that makes Melissa and I in relationship to each other.  The wedding was beautiful and Melissa was gorgeous.  I loved her dress!



Grandma and Grandpa Seacat are in town and Grandma bought the boys each a little tux.  They were so handsome and did such a great job during the ceremony and reception.


I got way too many cute pictures so I’ll put a little gallery below.

Overall the boys did a great job.  It’s hard to enjoy the wedding though when you have one eye on each boy.  Especially with twins running in opposite directions.  I definitely went cross-eyed a few times.  😉

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Grandpa’s Ribs

Grandpa’s Ribs

Over the long Memorial Day weekend Steve and I took the boys and drove out to Pittsburgh to visit Grandma and Grandpa DeLuca.  We were welcomed to the smell of ribs in the smoker.  Yum!  The boys loved them.  Anthony kept pointing to my ribs and insisted that he get to eat it off the bone like the adults.


He actually did a great job.

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The next night we had lobster and that didn’t go as well.  For some reason the boys don’t seem to like the texture of lobster or shrimp.

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Thank you for having us Grandma and Grandpa DeLuca!

Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend

This weekend Grandma and Grandpa DeLuca drove out to Baltimore to spend Easter weekend with us.  It was a lot of fun.  We dyed easter eggs, spent lots of time outside enjoying the beautiful weather, watched a movie,


went shoe shopping for the boys,


and hung out on the porch talking by the fire pit.



The boys loved the guacamole that their dad made.  We were all dying laughing watching Anthony “dip” his chips.  He’d put his entire hand into the bowl and his fist came out with more gauc than the chip.  I counted 14 times that he dipped one chip.  He is not aware of the double-dip rule.


At one point Anthony gave up on the chips and just grabbed handfuls of guac.

On Saturday evening Paul drove up with Stacie.  Stacie is also a fraternal twin so we got to hear all about what it’s like growing up as a twin.  It was so nice to see Uncle Paul and meet Stacie.  On Sunday Nathan gave us all a scare when he decided to do a cartwheel down the brick steps from our patio to the yard.  He looked me right in the eye when I said “Nathan, please turn around and do down backwards”.  Then he took a step over the edge.  He is going to be a hand full.



He is a trooper though.  He wouldn’t let us hold the frozen peas to his head and cried more about that then he did about the fall.  He got scraped up pretty good and has a nasty bruised bump.


It was a relaxing weekend.  It felt nice not worrying about anything and just enjoying spending time with family.



Checkout the family photo post here.

Grandma Help

Grandma Help

Last week our nanny Ann went to New Orleans to party it up the week before Mardi Gras.  We were able to convince Grandma DeLuca to come out and stay with us to watch the boys so that Steve and I could keep working as normal.  Grandma was amazing with the boys.


They had so much fun giving her their books to read and playing.  We even made it to the YMCA for a swim.


Thank you Grandma!!  We love you!

First Cold

First Cold

Unfortunately our entire house is sick right now.  Grandma and Grandpa Seacat are visiting and they had a little cold when they got here and now we’re all coughing with runny noses.  The boys are being such great sports.  They’re both all smiley and laughing despite their nasty coughs.  Hopefully it goes away soon!

First Birthday Party

First Birthday Party

The boys were blessed to celebrate their very first birthday with so many friends and family members.  My Aunt Laurie, Grandma Richardson, mother, sister Sara, and Sara’s two sons all flew in early to help.  It was a lot of work organizing the food, making the deserts, and rearranging the house.  But it turned out beautiful.  Thank you guys for your help!


Only thing I would’ve changed was how the boys felt.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, the boys had 4 shots on their actual birthday.  They had super high fevers and were all around in bad spirits.  That meant for their party they were a little overwhelmed by having so much attention… they did a lot of sleeping.

People Photos

Somehow I didn’t manage to get a group shot of everyone…. But here are a few from earlier in the evening:

The Food

The Cake

The cake was my favorite part.  I found this neat cake mix at the store that created a rainbow effect.  Everyone helped make it, even Knox.  He enjoyed seeing how different colors mixed together made new colors.




The Cake Smashing

Not as glamorous as I imagined the cake smash to be… Nathan was definitely not interested.  Anthony humored us and at least sat there next to the cake.  He was doing this super cute shoulder rolling that I’d never seen him do before.  Luckily Banks was there to show them how to dive in.  Thank you Uncle Chuck for capturing the memories.  Grandma Seacat took a 15 minute video so when I can get that from her I’ll update this post with a video.

Thank you everyone for making their first birthday unforgettable.  They loved all of the gifts and seeing everyone’s smiling faces.

Great Grandma Richardson

Great Grandma Richardson

I just dropped off my grandma, great grandma Richardson, at the airport.  She flew up from Orlando for the boys first birthday party and got to spend a few extra days after everyone left hanging out with our little family.


It was wonderful seeing you Grandma!  Thank you for taking a break from your busy life to spend some time with us.  We love you Great Grandma!