Grandma and Grandma’s Sister

You boys are so lucky you don’t even know it.  For the first six weeks of your life your Grandma Seacat and her sister, mommy’s Aunt Laurie, came to visit and help us with you.  They were amazing.  Having extra hands with twins is crucial.  I know during those six weeks they slept much less than I did helping out with everything around the house and with each of you.  Even though feeding babies is tiring, the real time consuming part has been rocking you each to sleep after you eat.  Once Aunt Laurie and Grandma left it was a shock to Steve and I as to how much work they did.  Both of them have a secret Grandma power, baby whispering you both calm.

**It’s really hard to get pictures of the two of them since they are both against me taking their photo!

I had a such fun crawling into bed during the wee hours of the morning and talking with these amazing women, hearing their stories, listening to their advice, and learning from their mistakes.  I looked forward to each days fresh air escape pushing the stroller around the neighborhood on our walks.  Anthony and Nathan much preferred the “butt baths” to the cold wipe scrubbing they would’ve gotten from their mom and dad.

I miss and love you Mom and Aunt Laurie!

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