Tiffany’s visit

Tiffany’s visit

Last Friday evening my friend Tiffany Cross flew in to Baltimore all the way from Austin, TX to help out.  We hadn’t seen each other in way too long!!  She is amazing.  Steve and I were surprised at how talented she is too with even the most random tasks!  She knew how to switch out the two pronged outlets in our house to three, is an expert painter (Tiffany and Steve painted the nursery a really pretty grayish/blueish color), helped me organize the nursery including washing all of the baby clothes and rolling them into piles based on age, AND we somehow also found time to take some maternity photos which look stunning.  This was all done in just 3 short days.  It was so nice having someone to talk to who was honest about what we could expect as parents and who also understood my slow-moving-unhelpful state.

We were not ready for these little guys before Tiffany came to visit and now, even though I still don’t feel ready, we are 100x more prepared.  Thank you Tiffany!!

Do you live in Texas?  Check out Tiffany’s photography business here:

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