33 weeks

This summer is flying by.  I can’t believe it’s August.  Today the girls are 33 weeks which means in less than 5 short weeks they’ll be here.  I wanted to write down a few things about this pregnancy as I’m sure I’ll forget most of them and how different and similar it has been from the boys.



  • Very uncomfortable in the 3rd trimester.  Rolling over to my other side results in a lot of moaning and grunting.
  • Still completely unprepared.  With the boys, Steve and I were moving across the country and had so many things to deal with.  With the girls I don’t have any of that other stuff going on (so I’m more relaxed) but at the same time I feel unprepared for two more infants.
  • Stubborn baby A’s.  Both Anthony and this little girlie “A” are blocking the hole.  Let’s hope this one flips to heads down before the big debut.


  • I’m not as into sweets as I was with the boys but I still indulge in my share of ice cream.  With the boys I went through a container of “Birthday Cake Ice Cream” every couple days… which is probably why I can barely look at the stuff anymore.  
  • I’m way more active than I was with the boys.  Probably because I have my treadmill desk.  I’m trying not to push it but also get at least 6k steps a day.
  • Stretch marks.  With the boys I don’t remember getting stretch marks but I had some around my belly button afterwards.  This time I’m definitely getting the “twin skin” around my belly button even more.  Maybe it’s because these girls are getting so big!
  • I love ice. crushed ice.  For some reason I can’t get enough.  Every drink I have has lots of ice.  I was reading where crushed ice and pregnancy can mean an iron deficiency..
  • Buying “stuff”.  We held off as long as possible buying stuff with the boys.  Might’ve had to do with having so many older boy cousins and us dealing with a move, but with these girls I have made a few splurges.
  • I’ve had way more doctors appointments this time.  I’m already going weekly for one test or another.
  • Acid reflux is unbearable.  The worst feeling ever is waking up from being sound asleep to feeling like you are going to or have vomited everywhere.
  • Speaking of vomit, I haven’t thrown up once with the girls.  I threw up a couple times with the boys.  I probably could’ve with the girls, there were a few times I definitely held it back…
  • I’ve already blogged a few times about how often I feel the girls move.  It is so cool when they get the hiccups.  I don’t remember feeling the boys this much.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the two pregnancies is with the boys it was just Steve and I… with the girls we have two toddler boys we’re chasing after.  By the end of the day we’re both exhausted and the weekends are rough.

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  1. You had hiccups all the time when I was pregnant with you! Old wife’s tale says acid reflux means the baby will be born with lots of hair! September’s coming fast.

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