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I haven’t the slightest clue how we’re supposed to come up with TWO baby boy names.  Steve and I talked about names for a few minutes the night of the gender reveal but haven’t talked about names since.  We have so much going on and the babies feel like they’re so far away that names aren’t the highest priority right now.  Steve and I both like how our names are common so it’s easy for people to spell and understand them…. so our goal is to do something traditional for the twins as well.

I thought it’d be fun to put down my running list in a blog post.  Feel free to comment if you have suggestions on names to add to the list:

  • Anthony
  • Caleb
  • David
  • Damon
  • Derek
  • Elijah
  • Ethan
  • Gabriel (Gabe Oscar DeLuca! hahaha… *jokes*)
  • Lucas
  • Maxwell
  • Owen
  • Oscar (middle name)
  • Reid
  • Scott (middle name)
  • Sean
  • Vincent
  • Zachery

Names are tough as each person has different associations based on individuals that they have known in their life.  Makes it hard to get everyone to love a name…. but that’s okay… only Steve and I have to love the names for now.  For the rest of you, whatever we pick will grow on you as these little boys steal your hearts!

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  1. I love your list! We also are looking for semi-normal names, but are trying to steer away from the super-trendy ones on all the top 10 lists right now. There are enough Jacksons and Jacobs in the world right now!!

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