28 week appointment

28 week appointment

I just got home from my 28 week appointment.  The girls are looking good.  I got to see them quickly on an ultrasound.  They are back to their bunk bed positions where both their heads are on my right side and their feet are on my left.  No wonder why I keep feeling like I’m only feeling one baby.  The dr. wasn’t too concerned that they weren’t heads down at this point.  But hopefully they start turning the right way here soon.

I also had to “chug the orange juice” for the glucose test and get lots of blood drawn.  They also gave me a rhogam shot.  Here is a picture of me at 28 weeks:

When walking over to the appointment a group of guys were at a corner I was walking by.  And one of them said, “not too much longer, almost done”.  To which I responded, “hopefully another 2 months left!”.  I guess I’m looking ready to pop.  The group followed up with comments about how tired I must be.  Oh little do they know…

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