18 week anatomy scan

This morning Steve and I went in for the twins anatomy scan.  They both looked great.  Nothing too exciting to report.  They both seemed a little shy and/or tired with their arms up covering their faces.  They were still positioned almost like they were on bunk beds with Baby B being pushed up to my chest by Baby A from down below.  There seemed to be a lot of kicking and random feet in other baby’s faces during most of the scan.  The ultrasound tech did manage to get a couple good profile pictures though.  Baby A measured 8 oz. with a heart beat of 150 bpm.  Baby B measured 9 oz. with a heartbeat of 155 bpm.  Very close to what the boys measured.  The ultrasound tech let Steve take a video once everything looked okay.


We had her put their genders in an envelop so we’ll do our little gender reveal today and share the results.  I’m 18w5d (according to the adjusted date) but based on lmp I’m 18w2d.

Here’s a picture of my belly from Saturday:


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  1. I’m glad to hear everything looks good for both babies…still crazy to think you are having two more!

  2. The babies are bigger than you are! Are you eating enough? Please take care of yourself! Love you, Momma Seacat

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