Exciting Life Changes

Steve and I have so much going on right now that I haven’t taken much time to sit down and soak in the fact we’re having two babies in November.  It doesn’t feel “real” but I suppose it won’t until we’re holding them in our arms.  Steve is trying to finish up his PhD program at UCSF and has been interviewing with a few labs for his PostDoc.  He did lots of research and found two that he really likes: one in Baltimore, and one in Berkeley.  Even though the move would be easier to Berkeley we want to choose the lab that Steve feels will offer him the best opportunities for getting a faculty position in another 5 or so years.  That being said… I think we’ll be moving to Baltimore!  I’m excited, there are some perks like the cost of living.  I’m mostly nervous about getting out there and the timing with the babies.  Of course I’m also scared about the crime as I’ve heard nothing but scary stories.  Steve went for his interview there last week, thursday and friday, and since he returned we’ve been talking strategy.

One thing we know for sure is that we’re going to list the house for sale.  The place next door is on the market so we’re anxiously waiting to hear what they get for that.  Our place is pretty comparable.  We have already done a lot but still have a solid 30 hours of work to pack boxes and get as much down to the basement as possible.  We’re trying to move fast to get the house on the market asap.

We’ve had some debates about what’s best for us as far as either moving before babies or after babies.  The choice is either to get out of SF by mid-September OR stick around until February.  I’m pushing for Sept, Steve is leaning more towards Feb.  These babies are making it so much more complicated!  …more later…

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