Melissa & Will’s Wedding

Yesterday we took the boys to York, Pennsylvania to attend Melissa and Will’s wedding.  Melissa is my Aunt Pat’s daughters, daughter.  Not sure what that makes Melissa and I in relationship to each other.  The wedding was beautiful and Melissa was gorgeous.  I loved her dress!



Grandma and Grandpa Seacat are in town and Grandma bought the boys each a little tux.  They were so handsome and did such a great job during the ceremony and reception.


I got way too many cute pictures so I’ll put a little gallery below.

Overall the boys did a great job.  It’s hard to enjoy the wedding though when you have one eye on each boy.  Especially with twins running in opposite directions.  I definitely went cross-eyed a few times.  😉



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  1. The wedding was fabulous. Loved seeing all your cousins and Aunt Pat. The boys were as cute as can be and in great spirits! It is so much fun watching them grow and spread their wings. Love you, Mom/Grama

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