Gym play date

Gym play date

Ann and I decided to test out taking the boys to the ymca care center while we worked out. We tried last week and neither of us had an I.D. so they wouldn’t let us leave the boys.  So we each took turns watching the boys while the other did a quick workout.  Well, this morning we were able to leave them at the center.  We were early so we stayed with them in the play room while they got accustomed to the area.  They seemed to be really enjoying themselves playing with some legos when we snuck out.


When we left them there was only two other kids there and two women to watch everyone. Anthony and Nathan seemed to really enjoy themselves and didn’t even realize we left.  When we got back this is what we saw:

imageAnthony was still playing with the legos but Nathan was being cuddled in one of the ladies arms.  Supposedly he had a melt down about 5 minutes after we left where he threw himself on the ground and started crying.  At least Nathan wasn’t crying when we went to pick him up.  Needless to say I think it was really good to get the boys exposed to some socializing.  Nathan will likely open up over time… that or he’ll just be shy like his mommy was.  Anthony did a great job according to the ladies.  It was also kinda nice to see that Anthony stayed pretty close to where Nathan was.  He’s a good brother!


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