Iowa State vs. West Virginia

I mentioned in the last post that my aunt and uncle and cousin came out to visit us for Thanksgiving.  Part of the reason they came out, other than to meet the boys, was to see their son, my cousin, Sam play football.  He plays quarterback for Iowa State.  I decided to make the drive with them over to West Virginia… and I’m so glad that I did.

KatieLisa2 Richardsons Lonnie

Even though we didn’t get to see Sam play we got to spend time chatting on the car ride and experience the excitement of a college football game.  It was one of the most exciting games I’ve seen because it went into triple overtime.  Very “sudden-death” like.  And the Cyclones ended up pulling off the victory 52-44 which ended their season with a 3-9 record.  I did make a wish on a single star that they put Sam Richardson in… turns out there were two Sam Richardson’s on the team so I should’ve been more specific in my wish.  We did get to see Sam for a little after the game before he had to jump on the bus and fly back to Iowa.  It was great to see everyone.  We’re going to have to plan a trip out to Florida.

Sam2 Sam1 Lonnie2

The trip was the longest I’ve been away from the boys since they were born.  I definitely missed them.  it didn’t help that I got a few texts from Steve saying that Nathan was taking 3 and 4 steps.

I wonder if you boys will play sports in college like your mommy and daddy?!?  Being athletic definitely runs in the family.

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