One Year

The boys are a year old.  I can’t believe it’s been a year.  Time has flown by.  Seems like only yesterday Steve and I were red eyed zombies and now we’re fully functional adults settled into a comfortable rhythm as parents.


It was tough to get a picture of the boys together this month so I took this quick video:


Not much as changed physically since last month with the boys.  Neither one of them is walking yet but both of them are standing a little more without holding onto anything.  They are super fast crawlers and like to walk holding onto the couch, toys, or our hands.  They also like to climb the stairs and couches.  They love to look out the windows, especially Anthony.  They will play catch with you if you roll them a ball.  They are eating anything and everything.  Whatever we have for meals they’ll have as well.  They are both excellent eaters.

Anthony and Nathan are smart little guys.  Both of them are eager to do whatever Steve and I are doing and they pick up things quickly.  They like to put toys in and out of larger toys/boxes.  They have both started throwing hissy fits when they don’t get what they want.  It’s the worst when they’re also tired but they will throw their heads down onto the ground and cry.  They’re down to only two naps a day, morning and afternoon.



  • Weight: 21 lbs 11 oz (40%)
  • Height: 29″ (40%)
  • Head Circumference: 18″ (40%)
  • 2 teeth
  • Loves to clap
  • Stacks blocks.  We have these yellow cardboard boxes and he’ll sit in front of them and stack them.
  • Still loves to be held… he is a mama’s boy for sure.
  • Anthony’s nicknames: ‘A’ man, Big Guy, Monkey Man






  • Weight: 19 lbs 9 oz (8%)
  • Height: 27 3/4″ (7%)
  • Head Circumference: 18″ (40%)
  • 4 teeth
  • He loves to put things in other people’s mouths.  He thinks it’s hilarious to feed mommy his toys.
  • Has been doing this thing lately where he points at everything.  He’ll let you know what he wants by pointing.  He cracks up when you put your pointer finger onto his.
  • Nathan’s nicknames: Nate, Nate Doug, Peanut (not as common as the others)





Somehow I didn’t get a picture of the four of us for the boys birthday… Steve and I are doing awesome.  Ann is still our nanny and comes every day from 9 to 6.  It’s so nice to work from home and get to sneak down and see the boys throughout the day.  Steve just found out last week that he got a prestigious fellowship for work. I am still loving my job doing mobile development at IBM.   I made it an entire year breast feeding twins!  I am very proud of myself… we’ll see how much longer I/they decide to go.  I love these boys so much.  It’s only been a year but I feel like I’ve known them my whole life.  Only 17 more years to go before they’re headed off to college…

There will be another post in the next few days about the boys first birthday party… stay tuned.

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  1. I’ll get them to play catch with me yet.
    Not that we are prejudiced but those are two great looking boys.
    love you all.

  2. We love these guys. You really got some nice pictures this month. It was so good to spend time with you all. Life is definitely exciting in the DeLuca’s household.

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