Twin beds for twin boys

Steve and I found a do it yourself plan for twin beds and decided to make the boys some beds. We figured we’d do it sooner rather than later because my sister is coming to visit with her two boys and they could sleep on the beds while they visit.  It was a lot more work then I thought it would be.  Steve is really good with wood working.  The beds turned out beautiful and will probably last a very very long time.



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  1. Looks great. Beautiful job. One last item to finish the project. Put bars on that window until the boys learn they cannot fly.

    1. haha! I agree! The windows are pretty scary. We tried pushing on them really hard and they won’t open. We probably should get something more serious like a lock. Then again, maybe we should get one of those window ladders in case there is a fire. Probably should just set the beds up in the dinning room for now. 🙂

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