11 months old

The boys are 11 months old.


The boys had a few firsts this month including:

  • First flight – We flew to Montana to visit the family
  • First timezone change
  • First time to Montana
  • First time climbing stairs


it’s getting harder and harder to breastfeed these munchkins.  They get so distracted looking around the room.  I found that I’m not able to talk to anyone else at all or they’ll stop eating and perk up to see what all the fun is about.  I’m still tandem feeding though.  They seem happier having their brother close by.  I had to ditch the robots this month for their photos.  It is hard enough getting them to smile let alone get them in a picture together.


A typical photo session ends up with a few glares in mom’s direction:


They are both excellent eaters!  They are pretty much eating everything that we eat.  Steve and I have been trying to have dinner early so that the boys can have cut up pieces of what we have.  Tonight it was steak, rice, and green beans for their 11 month birthday.  They practically refuse to be fed.  They love using their hands and feeding themselves.  Favorite food is probably waffles with peanut butter.

They are both on the go always, but luckily for us neither of them are walking yet.  They’ll both take some steps when we hold their hands and Nathan loves the toy walker thing but I haven’t seen either of them attempt to walk on their own.  We’ve tried sitting close together and encouraging them to take a step but they typically drop to their butts and just crawl between us.

Sleep isn’t an issue for the boys.  We put them down around 7 pm and they can go until 8 am only getting up to eat once and sometimes that’s just us waking them up before we go to bed for the night.



  • He has two teeth!  I was so excited when they came in.  This second one just poked through a couple days ago.
  • Favorite toy: Anything that stacks.  He loves to knock over other people’s creations.
  • Anthony loves to look out the window and jump in his jumpy chair.
  • He is still very much a people pleaser and loves being held.  He’ll try to catch my eye (especially around nap time or bedtime) and will burst out laughing when our eyes meet.  It’s hard not to smile around Anthony.
  • I don’t have an official weight on Anthony but we did see their old nanny, Keri, on Friday and she thought that Anthony had thinned out a lot and gotten taller since she last saw him.  He’s always on the move so I wouldn’t be surprised.
  • Anthony has been doing this thing where he sucks in his lips.  He looks pretty hilarious when he does it.





  • He has 4 teeth now.  I love his giant buck teeth with the gap in the middle.
  • Nathan has been walking around with his tongue out.  I think it’s because he likes the feeling of something on his new teeth.
  • Favorite game: Catch.  He’ll throw the ball back to you if you roll one to him.  Peek-a-boo comes in a close second.  He likes to be the one to hide and pull back the blanket/curtain to surprise everyone.
  • Nathan is a little pickier than Anthony when it comes to eating food.  Anthony will double fist food by the handfulls into his mouth while Nathan slowly picks each piece up and chews it.  If there is something he doesn’t like he’ll shake his head no and push my hand away from him.  He also throws food on the ground or plays with it when he’s done eating.
  • Nathan is hard to get pictures of because he is always on the go!




  • I’m still breastfeeding!  The boys eat off me 5 or 6 times in a 24 hour period.
  • Steve and I are making the boys twin beds.  My sister is coming with her two boys in a couple weeks for the boys first birthday so they’ll get to try out the beds and let us know if they’re comfy.  We probably won’t put the boys in them for a while but at least they’ll be done.  It’s also a fun activity for Steve and I to do together.
  • I’m still working from home which is awesome.  I can walk downstairs and see the boys during the day.  It makes me happy when they crawl over to the baby gates to see me when I’m walking by.  I’ll usually wait until they get to me and give them a hug/kiss before going back to work.
  • Ann is still our nanny and the boys love her.  She is a good cook too so she spoils them with yummy lunches.
  • I’m writing a kids book!!  More later…


Steve and I were joking about how much Anthony is like him and Nathan is like me.  We decided that rather than two eggs and two sperm, Steve’s sperm became Anthony and my egg became Nathan.  Here’s why:

Anthony + Steve

  • Same body type.  They both have super long legs and a short torso.
  • They both love to eat and aren’t picky about what it is.
  • Anthony analyzes the situation and makes sure he has it figured out so that he can do it BEFORE trying it for the first time.
  • They have the same hair.
  • Anthony makes the same facial expressions as Steve.  I swear he raises his eyebrows the same as well.
  • Both of them cry when something is frustrating… and both of them have the type of cry that everyone else drops everything to try to help them to make them feel better.
  • Anthony has Steve’s skin tone, he is barely out in the sun and has an instant tan.
  • Both of them love me unconditionally.

Nathan + Lisa

  • We have the same body type.  Both of us have long torso’s and not as long legs.
  • Nathan is a little pickier when it comes to food… me too.
  • Both of us are into gadgets.  If there is a screen in the room Nathan has to have it.
  • Nathan learns by mistakes, he just goes.
  • We’re both very stubborn.  If he sees something he wants, he wants it now.  You can try to hide it from him but as soon as he gets something in his mind he’s not going to forget about it very easily.
  • Nathan and I LOVE to sleep.  We can both sleep through Anthony screaming.
  • We both like to multitask.
  • Nathan and I are always smiling and don’t get too worked up unless there really is an issue.
  • We both are empathetic when someone else is upset we try to cheer them up.
  • Sorry Nathan, you got my super pale skin tone!
  • I *kinda* have dimples, but not nearly as cute as Nathan’s.
  • Nathan is more into sweets than Anthony, give him some pears or mangos and he’ll be happy.

…we’re curious to see if these things remain true as the boys grow up.  Either way it’s pretty neat to think that a little version of each of us gets to spend another life-time together as best friends.

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  1. Anthony and Nathan are such good babies–both handsome and intelligent. I love your posts! I am looking forward to their first birthday party!

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