Four Generations

My Aunt Dot is competing in golf in the Senior Olympics in Cleveland this week and it just so happened that the flight from Orlando to Cleveland had a layover in Baltimore.  So my Aunt Dot, Aunt Laurie, and Grandmother broke all the rules and left the airport in Baltimore so that we could all spend a few more days together before the three of them and my mom drove to Cleveland for the competition.

RichardsonLadiesWe had such a good time seeing everyone and are cheering on Aunt Dot!  We’re hoping she adds another Gold Medal to her collection. You guys definitely remembered Aunt Laurie.  She came out to help out when you were only 5 weeks old.  I think it brought back some memories for Nathan and he let her know how much he missed her.


We were able to get a few pictures.  Here’s one of the four generations on my side: My grandmother (mom’s mom), My mom, me, and you boys:

4genThis was the first time you got to meet your great grandmother.  She is an expert when it comes to babies since she’s been watching her other great grandchildren.  I wish we had more family that lived closer.  But it sounds like Aunt Dot and Uncle Bob will be moving out to Virginia shortly.



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