Baby Pool

Today was a hot one in Baltimore, over 80 degrees despite a few short outbursts of rain.  Steve and I thought it’d be fun to hop in the car and go find a baby pool for the boys.  We found one for $5 at Target.  It was the best $5 we ever spent.  The boys had an absolute blast.  We filled it up with a couple inches of water, stripped the boys down to their birthday suits, and threw a few bath toys in with them on the front porch.  Our front porch is shaded so we didn’t have to worry about the sun.  It was the first time the boys got to be in water together and the first time in a pool.  Note: a couple of the videos are private due to some nudity.  Shoot me an email and I’ll share the link with family and friends.

I put them in the pool inside the house first without water and they were unsure about why they were hanging out together naked.

Then we all headed outside and daddy added the water.  At first they were a little confused:

Then they found out they could splash!


and splash

and splash

Anthony splashed Nathan right out.


Nathan even tried to start swimming!

Anthony says, “Whoa!  Watch where you’re kicking, bro!”


They sat up nice and straight the whole time playing with their toys.

Towards the end their energy levels started to die down.


All in all the pool was a GREAT success.

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