On Saturday Nathan was acting very sleepy. His eyebrows get red and he gets a little grouchy.  So I walked him up and put him in his crib with his blue blanket.  He immediately pulled it up by his face and snuggled in with it.  Then he pulled it back, saw me, and started laughing.  He thought it was so funny to be the one to hold the blanket and to play peek-a-boo that he kept doing it over and over again, pulling the blanket over his eyes and back down, and of course was too excited to go down for a nap.  He is such a smart little guy, he has seen other adults do the same motions with a blanket to play peek-a-boo with him and now he mimicked us to play himself.  I can see why these boys aren’t napping as much these days… life is way too exciting!

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