Kitchen progress

The kitchen is coming along, only 6 months in…

Latest updates:

  1. We got the granite in and it’s gorgeous!
  2. The hole for the bathroom sink was cut too small so they have to come back to make it bigger, so the sink isn’t connected in the bathroom.
  3. They have to buy some clips for the kitchen sink so we’re waiting on that to install the sink, garbage disposal, faucet, and dishwasher.
  4. The tile backsplash is ordered and will be here on Monday so we can start installing that.
  5. Steve finished his bookshelf and the molding is done* ¬†(still needs to be painted and won’t officially be done until the range hood is in and it’s cut to fit snug.)

We’re so close… yet so far away. ¬†Lots of little things that still need to be done but hopefully we’ll be able to move into the kitchen here in the next week so Grandma DeLuca can help us settle in.

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