Anthony’s new room

The boys have shared a bedroom since coming home from the hospital. Lately Anthony has been sleeping in a pack and play in my office during nap time. The boys seem to fall asleep easier in their own rooms. So Steve and I decided to move Anthony’s bed into my office at least until the […]


Our nanny, Ann, suggested that we get the boys a butterfly kit.  We got the kit in the mail from Amazon pretty quick and then ordered the caterpillars. When they got here we watched them in a little jar until eventually they made little cocoons.  Then we transferred the cocoons to a mesh container and […]

It’s Alive!!

My favorite thing about this pregnancy is how much I can feel and see the girls moving around.  For whatever reason with the boys, I barely felt them moving and definitely don’t remember seeing them move.  These little girls tend to have lots of dance parties.  Here’s a video I got of them today.  I’m […]