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We’re Expecting! We’re Expecting!

We’re Expecting! We’re Expecting!

Steve and I just found out this morning that we are having another set of twins! What?!? We are in complete shock. Steve just texted me, “I’m feeling kind of nauseated”. We’d been trying for a while but these new babies are 100% natural. What are the chances of having two sets of twins. This morning when we went to the ultrasound I couldn’t see Steve’s face. The ultrasound tech just had me sit up on the table and immediately I saw the two sacks, De Ja Vu. She said something like “well, there are two babies. Here’s the first one, and here is the second one”. We were both in complete shock… and still are. I’m pretty sure Steve and I were laughing out loud. When we got home we immediately told Cindy and Ann. They were both super excited for us. I facetimed my sister to tell her and have yet to tell my parents or brother. It’s impossible to concentrate on work. I’m really excited. We’re going to be a family of six! Minivan here we come.


The heart beats were strong, both were in the 170’s. I think the boys were in the 140’s at 8 weeks. They were measuring 8w2d and 8w3d. One is on the left side and the other is on the right side so Sara thinks we’re going to have one of each. It sure would be nice to have a girl. 4 boys! That would be craziness. Two sets of twins?!? THAT is craziness!